Who is SOURCEWELL?   They are probably best known as a Minnesota State agency.  Most of their hundreds of employees are actually state government employees. They work very closely with the Minnesota Department of Education which is very leftist leaning and works with Planned Parenthood. The two of them partnered to bring Comprehensive sex education to Minnesota. about three or four years back. .It easily passed the Democrat controlled House but was blocked in the Senate. Rep Eric Lucero gave a rousing speech on the House Floor which went viral throughout the country. He showed not only the Planned Parenthood connection but also the book called IT’S PERFECTLY NORMAL. This book is full of nearly every kind of pornography using cartoon characters.

Comp Sex Ed has never been passed in the MN Legislature due to blockage in the Senate. HOWEVER, it is still being brought to MN classrooms by Sourcewell who controls nearly all MN school programs.  About 2 years ago, Sourcewell admitted on their websites, that they were teaching this Comp Sex Ed to the teachers. This is legal. We know for a fact that Rogue teachers have gone directly to some kids.   

Evidently, not completely satisfied with that approach, they now use Federal Programs like SEL, SEED, AVID, STEM etc., to bring Social Justice, Sex Ed, Gender confusion, etc. In these programs, they do not call it CRT etc., they just carefully weave it directly into math, science, and engineering courses. See this link:

Look at the paragraph on MOMS and DADS.  This should give you no doubt as to the goals of these people. (Sourcewell, Region 5, MN Equity Alliance)

 More on these school programs:

SEED was recently disgraced in Pequot Lakes MN, when parents found out that in were found all the anti-white, anti-family bias that has been making the news. Their school Supt was forced to resign.  A Data Request showed that he got his training from Sourcewell/Region 5, funded by the INITIATIVE FOUNDATION, a branch of the criminal McKNIGHT FOUNDATION.  See this link to THEIR criminal history. This article appeared in the conservative online newspaper ALPHA NEWS.

A money trail links eco-terrorists against pipeline renovation to prominent foundations – Alpha News

The Pequot Supt was trained in the SEED program along with the Little Falls Supt.  After the exposure, Sourcewell began to drop the SEED program from many schools in the state.  SEED was immediately replaced by the AVID program which followed similar anti-Christian principals in CA. Though you will find nothing worrisome on their website, you can google the infamous EQUITY ALLIANCE OF MN and find that AVID is a very close partner. 

EQUITY ALLIANCE (NOTE, YOU HAVE ONE IN YOUR STATE ALSO, GOOGLE IT. NAME WILL BE SIMILAR) has gotten national attention recently for sending out surveys to the kids in high school about their sexual activities and drug use.  For one thing, it is against the law to even send it out without PARENTAL CONSENT.  But in Sartell, MN, they told kids not to tell their parents about the Survey. One brave 9-year-old girl got national attention when she testified that before a school board meeting. Enraged citizens also discovered a series of books offered to kids in MN schools by that ALLIANCE, some of which were in their school.

 A Date Request showed a list of around a hundred books from that ALLIANCE. We have googled many of these books and most of them are about transgender and gay lifestyles for High School kids and even younger.


 How did Sourcewell get into your schools? Though the MN Dept of Ed would have brought them directly, they needed extra incentive. Sourcewell initially approached the schools with offers of inexpensive products like school desks. This is the 2nd part of this organization that is of huge importance. They are part of an international buying group or PROCUREMENT AUTHORITY worth billions. (All named Sourcewell).  Sourcewell in MN alone is worth 3 billion. With their connections, they can offer schools and communities many products at prices they cannot get locally. IS THIS EVEN LEGAL?   A STATE AGENCY COMPETING WITH PRIVATE BUSINESS??  And across state lines to every state in the nation from MN.  We try to warn these other states, but the GOODIES may be too tempting, like GRANTS.

GRANTS — WOW! Why would you ever want to do business with anyone else???  FREE MONEY for projects throughout your schools and communities. Did I say FREE?  Well, I meant that it APPEARS to be free. Many are directly connected to FEDERAL AND STATE REGULATIONS that no one ever tells you about. You could request that they show you the Regs or ask them to pay for extra costs which appear later on. But then the Grant would be withheld. We tried that with our County Commissioners a couple years back. But the weak, so-called conservatives on the Board decided that all the FREE MONEY was worth the risk. Fast forward 3 years and these groups (SOURCEWELL, REGION 5 AND LEAGUE OF CITIES) NOW CONTROL NEARLY EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES HERE IN MORRISON COUNTY. (Early childhood, Transportation, Handicapped Services, City and County Ordinances.) Also now moving into the Insurance business in some counties. I will explain more of Sourcewell Community involvement soon.

FUNDING FOR THESE GRANTS:   Just like many of our large corporations, most of the top foundations in our country have joined the Globalists and their anti-Christian, anti-Western civilization Agenda.

 In MN, some examples are: McKnight (Initiative), Blandin, Bush, Hormel. The Grants from these Foundations and Cheap products from the Buying Club also carry a small ‘Finder’s Fee for Sourcewell which accounts for their Billions is assets.

 I must add one more School/ Community connection for Sourcewell before moving on to their partners in crime in your community.  FRONTLINE Google it. It is a hiring service with job applicants pre-trained by Sourcewell in administrative skills and other job-related tools. Apparently, that comes along with a large Social Justice bias from what we are seeing. Once again, it is far cheaper and easier to use the Sourcewell services than to go thru the normal hiring/Training hoops.

Throughout MN, many school Superintendents, Principals, City Administrators, County Zoning Boards, are hired directly from these lists. In some schools, all hiring, clear down to janitor, are selected this way. If you are so lucky as to NOT have your top Administrators and others hired this way, check, and see what training they received shortly after the hire PLUS ongoing during their Tenure. In MN it is mostly Sourcewell or an affiliate.

I will now move on to Sourcewells’ PARTNERS IN CRIME, and their work in your community, but remember, Most Republicans in office, favor this connection between NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations) and Elected Gov, and call it PPP (Public Private Partnership) We call it THE 4TH BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT.  Completely illegal in Constitutional terms.

Probably the most important proof we have, is an article by the CHILD PROTECTION LEAGUE OF MN. It explains clearly how these groups were formed, there clear connections to Marxist/Globalist ideology, and their goals for your community.

It includes many ‘Click On” proofs for you like Documents from the Monsters websites and MN Statutes.  There are also 2 maps in the following article that show you what Sourcewell and your Regional Planner, call themselves in various parts of MN.