We call on our State Representatives and Senators to save our original Minnesota state flag!

We will personally deliver the petition to our elected officials. This will not be a unseen petition.


Save Our Original State Flag – Minnesota Free State (


Hello and good afternoon! If you are in opposition of the proposed MN State Flag and State Seal, we need you, the people of Morrison County, to make your voices heard! Many of us believe that they should pass something similar to the ones found in these recent articles from around MN describing the growing number of county boards and city councils that have already proposed and passed resolutions proclaiming their disapproval for this change:

These resolutions will be sent to Governor Walz and members of the MN State Legislature in an effort to prevent the state legislature’s final stamp of approval on this change during the next legislative session starting next month. We need our local leaders to stand up and be our voice by quickly bringing forth a resolution to show our legislature that we do not accept this change! Bottom line, this is going to cost taxpayers a lot of money!!! If you agree with me and with these resolutions recently passed by other MN counties and cities, you MUST reach out to all 5 Morrison County Board of Commissioners and the County Administrator, and respectfully share your opposition to this historical change!  Their email and phone information can be found at the following links:

Time is running out so please reach out to these individuals over the weekend or first thing on Monday if this is important to you! Don’t miss out on this opportunity because this may be your only and last chance to make an impact on the final outcome! Please join me in making it loud and clear to our Morrison County Board that we DO NOT CONSENT to the changing of the MN State Flag and State Seal!!! Thank You!

Jeremy J. Pekula Central Minnesota Freedom Coalition