Tom Deweese is the leading expert in the Country on Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, Regionalism or whatever name they call themselves in YOUR area. He has been exposing this for over 30 years and has a great website where you can learn everything about these topics including Training to help you take back your communities. Our work in MN is based off his research. He partners closely with the John Birch Society who has been warning us about these things for 60+ years. Purchase Toms book SUSTAINABLE at Amazon etc to learn how the various Planning and Equity groups work throughout the country plus the TERMS they use which are found throughout YOUR Community Planning Documents. The information we give on this website is based on his work.

Toms Websites

  1. Home – American Policy Center
  2. Catching Fire News | Educating and inspiring Freedom Fighters to fight and win locally!


  1. HUD’s AFFH Will Destroy Your Neighborhood <


2. Stop the National Heritage Area Act - YouTube     SHORT VIDEO


3. Lies surrounding COS, Convention of States