MN BASED These folks expose everything from Child Porn to Trafficking to Anti Family School Programs and everything in between. We will only post a few of their great articles which pertain to the work we do here. FOLLOW THEIR WEBSITE AT

CPL Action – Safety of Children


  1. How ‘Equity’ Has Been Embedded in Minnesota for Decades – CPL Action This article shows how the REGIONALIST groups in MN have conspired to take over full control of your Community and Schools, following United Nations guidelines and expanding control of the infamous MET COUNCIL into our rural communities.
  2. SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) Training: Spreading Seeds of Division – CPL Action SEED is one of the many school programs offered in MN and around the country. A UN based program, it attempts to undermine EVERY Christian value of decency, morality, and family while also undermining ALL US history and painting white folks as the villains of history. The program has caused so much uproar that they are replacing it with AVID, which is just as bad. More info on that soon. ALL of these poison programs are brought to you by SOURCEWELL.
  3. Stop Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) – CPL Action
  4. A Critical Look at Equity and Critical Race Theory – CPL Action EQUITY and CRT
  5. They have also created important POWER POINT and PDF versions that shows REGIONAL GOVERNANCE in MN, Agenda 21 and its MN connections. Please view at :

MN Regional Govt RO – Powerpoint Version

MN Regional Govt RO – (PDF VERSION)

6. MN VACCINE EXEMPTIONS – MinnesotaExemption