Inflation Reduction Act ?????????

SEE THE LINK TO THE REST OF THIS BLOG AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.  We included a few of the crazy solutions here:

  * $3 billion for the U.S. Postal Service to buy new electric mail trucks;
  * $3 billion for the EPA to oversee block grants for “environmental justice;”
  * $40 billion total to the EPA which includes $30 billion for “disadvantaged
    communities” (keep in mind that the total annual budget of the EPA is about
    $10 billion);
  * $750 million to the Interior Department for new hires;
  * $10 million to the USDA to be spent on “equity commissions” to “combat” racism;
  * $25 million to the Government Accountability Office to determine, “whether
    the economic, social and environmental impacts of the funds described in
    this paragraph are equitable;”
  * Via a budget gimmick to keep the amount outside of the Act’s price tag are
    amounts to the Energy Department for existing “green” energy loan programs
    and a new energy loan-guarantee program.

The above is only a listing of a few of the provisions in the 
several-hundred-page bill.  These are the ones that particularly stuck out to 
me. Reduce inflation?  Not a chance.


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