Lets Reclaim Our Schools Together !!

_“Minnesota Parents For the Win!”  ttps://www.facebook.com/Minnesota-Parents-Alliance-113205727957728  Groups like this exist in every state. Make sure that the group IN YOUR STATE defends TRADITIONAL VALUES

Recently a good friend of ours attended a seminar by a group called Minnesota 
Parents Alliance. Below is the summary of her visit:


On Saturday May 7th I attended a School Board Training seminar hosted by
Minnesota Parents Alliance, a newly formed 501c3.

This seminar was extremely informative and very empowering for anyone who
is considering running for your local school board and has no idea what
you’re doing, like myself, just a parent with a passion to protect my
children willing to step-up and say yes! If you missed out on this
training, they are planning to bring a second round of Campaign School in
July, so follow their Facebook page for more information and do not miss
out! Once they launch their website there will be a plethora of resources
and support available for potential candidates to still get full support
through the election season and after.

During the course of the training seminar we learned all the basics and
fundamentals of what a candidate should know who is running for school
board; from starting a campaign, filing paperwork, successfully running a
campaign, fundraising, legal logistics, resources and vendors available to
fundamentals of the role of the school board position. They hosted a panel
of currently serving school board members to share advice and field
questions. It was also an amazing place to connect and network with other
parents on this journey. They provided so many empowering resources, I
personally found the “candidate check-list” invaluable as a first time
potential candidate. I can simply follow the steps beginning with making
the decision to run all the way through to post election follow up and
board member training options that Minnesota Parents Alliance will provide
~ stress-free for this busy mom of four.

Going forward, Minnesota Parents Alliance has plans to provide bi-weekly
cohort strategy support calls for all candidates running for election or
parents that are considering this opportunity. On their website they plan
to create a database of like-minded parents focused on reclaiming our
schools so there will be a central place to network throughout our entire
state, a common community to share what is happening within Minnesota
schools in hopes to share resources, information & strategies efficiently
and effectively. They plan to create the same resource option of networking
for newly elected school board members for the same circle of support. They
are going to compile a voter-recommendation guide of candidates in each
district Minnesota Parent Alliance has supported who are running in the
upcoming school board elections. This will provide a valuable resource for
community members next election season hoping to know what candidates
support traditional values.

If you are a parent considering running for school board or you know
someone who would be a perfect candidate to encourage, Minnesota Parent
Alliance will literally hold your hand, empower, strengthen, educate and
support you every step of the journey to reclaiming our schools! Don’t
hesitate, reach out to Cristine in**@mi**************.org">at:in**@mi**************.org, or connect
through Facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/Minnesota-Parents-Alliance-113205727957728  and
find out how you can get plugged in.

As Minnesota Parents Alliance would say “Minnesota Parents For the Win!”,
let’s reclaim our schools together! I said YES, I'm hoping other parents
will too!

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