MN Activist WARNING on Grants/Refugees/Islam

.(Editors Note – The WCI referred to below is a close partner of our Region 5 (and Regional Planners in YOUR County) who is close partners with Sourcewell (and Service Coop partners) who poison your children with UN school programs) STOP TAKING THEIR GRANTS !!!

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GOOD IDEA?   “Announcing the 2024 Fund to Foster Belonging grantees” – Welcoming America

Know that WCI’s (West Central Initiative/ Fergus Falls) strategic plan states: “We also locate our work within the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).” The UN’s largest voting bloc consists of countries that adhere to Islam/ Sharia. Sharia vows to infiltrate its ideology and followers into all non-Muslim countries, therefore, the US, and even little towns like Pelican Rapids.

The article below reveals how Welcoming America, which also locates its work within the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) under Habitat 3, partners with non-profits like WCI. They are lead by Progressives and their ignorant (of the big picture) workers. WCI is adept at promoting the so-called wonders of multi-culturalism and DEI/ Diversity Equity Inclusion to rural communities. The Welcoming America/ WCI project (described below) would cleverly nudge seniors and teens to be WA/ WCI activists, to create a sense of belonging for “immigrants” which includes PR’s Somalis.
WCI down-plays the fact that rural MN towns stand the risk of having years of history, traditions and culture erased when unnaturally embedded, large groups of “immigrants/ refugees/ illlegals” are introduced. Community members will be craftily pressured to take a backseat to the needs/ expectations of these privileged newcomers, who will soon enough demand that their history, traditions and culture become the new norm. By even questioning this, one stands to be labeled a bully… possibly a hater or an Islamophobe.

Welcoming America and WCI will evade facts about the ugly costs of DEI: (ie) Somali welfare fraud+daycare fraud+food fraud; education costs; medical; housing; judicial costs re criminal incarceration, court/ attorney fees; more. They will evade facts about the immeasurable costs to longtime Minnesotans relating to their canceled culture and traditions, due to DEI– recently tagged as ” Didn’t Earn It” (Tks to S…). Presently, St Paul Progressive/ Marxists continue to hand “immigrants/ refugees/ illegals” free health care, free college tuition and freedom of speech well beyond that of ordinary Minnesotans.

This contrived strategy ultimately results in Replacement. Your Replacement. It works when monied global elites subsidize Marxist organizations like Welcoming America who partner with with community Progressives like WCI who become addicted to lucrative connections and elite power players. Globally, agencies like these advocate for privileged newcomers (who really aren’t like you in so many ways)… handing them the keys to cities, even countries, in order to fulfill their varied, shadowy agendas. Smiling Controligarchs/ globalists/ elites eagerly welcome this sea of potential new voters and worker serfs. Don’t forget that the majority of these “immigrants/ refugees/ illegals” are here for economic or political/ religious reasons. Historically, they have proven to have scant interest in integrating with the populace or abiding by the laws and traditions of the United States. Several European countries are presently considered “history” because they have allowed “immigrants/ refugees/ illegals” to invade at will… then out-populate them… for purported humanitarian reasons. This as their co-opted, entitled leaders and heads of state cast a blind eye.

This corrupt global experiment, this social engineering for “CHANGE” that would erase the West… is in full-swing.

Seek answers from county commissioners, local and state officials, who would sign on to HUD (Housing Urban Development) grants, therefore the AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing) mandate, about potential newcomers. “The AFFH obligation requires federal agencies and federal funding recipients to take proactive steps to address longstanding patterns of segregation, discrimination, and disinvestment.” This mandate will infuse the poorest of the poor…as well as those who meet DEI/ Intersectionality grid qualifications… for professed humanitarian reasons.
Question the owners/ CEOs of your county’s corporations/ companies who boast about the big $$$ they bring into your community… while they lobby for cheap labor and hire “immigrants/ refugees/ illegals” who work for less… then sap county welfare. Taxpayers will be obliged to pick-up the tab while fewer dollars go to (ie) roads and services

A Welcoming America/ WCI ’s “feel-good” plan for “fostering belonging” can only work when the community is guilted about their responsibility to immigrants and when they are conned to believe in the “need for communities to work better for everyone and for strong, multiracial democracies to thrive.” The Truth? This plan incrementally enables the “CHANGE” driven by global elites/ top US politicians past+present, the “enemies within.” Guilting community members to do the heavy lifting is key to furthering their goals.

To put blind trust into elected/ unelected officials and agencies with varied but often interwoven agendas is RECKLESS. Get educated on issues from the township level on up. Get involved with like-minded neighbors and resist the egocentric agendas of those who ultimately erode US sovereignty and the US Constitution. Will you SPEAK UP? Question Authority. Cathy Colling
Fergus Falls, MN

(Thank you, Ron Branstner, for article+ AFFH quote…Greg Smith for info on WCI+Common Law…)


Announcing the 2024 Fund to Foster Belonging grantees
Welcoming America is pleased to announce the recipients of the third round of funding from the Fund to Foster Belonging, which will continue supporting and expanding the work of local leaders and projects that build meaningful connections between immigrants and non-immigrants:

ECHO Collective, Lincoln, NE
One World, One Love NJ, Summit, NJ
Rural Women’s Health Project, Gainesville, FL
West Central Initiative/The Youths, Pelican Rapids, MN
This year’s recipients will each receive grants of up to $30,000, complimentary Premium membership in the Welcoming Network for 2024, one-on-one coaching, peer learning opportunities, and travel to and complimentary registration for the Welcoming Interactive in Dallas next month.


Recipients were selected from a competitive process in which projects were assessed for how effectively they bring immigrants and non-immigrants together to work on a project of shared interest, with the ultimate goal of developing a stronger sense of belonging.

The projects selected this year include bringing together members of the aging community and immigrant residents to participate in shared creative arts activities; immigrant and non-immigrant teens working together on service projects to benefit their local community; facilitating the co-creation of healthy, culturally-significant meals and development of a recipe collection and art display by immigrant and non-immigrant residents of all ages; and nonprofit capacity building and leadership development for immigrant and non-immigrant youth living in a rural community.

Rachel Perić, executive director of Welcoming America, said: “We are thrilled to support this latest round of community-driven projects through the Fund to Foster Belonging. By bringing neighbors of different backgrounds together with a shared purpose, these projects underscore the continued need for communities to work better for everyone and for strong, multiracial democracies to thrive.”

The Fund to Foster Belonging is part of Belonging Begins With Us


 a multi-year campaign to foster a more welcoming nation where everyone — regardless of their background – belongs.





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