More Republican Caucus issues in MN

Editorial: “What is going on?” / FFJournal/ Marcia Huddleston, Founder, OTC
Conservative Coalition

How is it possible that the Republican Party, which has been fighting for
election integrity for years, has now in our local area reversed their position
and is involved in election tampering, then of voting to cover it up?

After our five Republican caucuses adjourned in Otter Tail County, the caucus
conveners or secretaries took pictures of the precinct paperwork and sent those
pictures to the MN Republican Party, per instructions. But when the caucus
delegate/alternate lists began to come out from OTC leaders, to candidates and
caucus chairs, as allowed, several precinct lists we know of were changed, some
drastically. The lists shown on the pictures and the lists from OTC leadership
didn’t match.

My precinct of Edna township was changed furtively before we handed it in, so
the vice chair and I changed it back and turned it in officially. One woman from
Perham Township was witnessed changing Candor Township after most people had
left the caucus. Obviously NOT her own township. The witness then reported that
transgression to a seated legislator’s dad, who was helping at the Perham
caucus. He evidently did not report it anywhere to be corrected, because that
precinct list was still in error when we all got to county convention. One of
our respected leaders spoke to the convention attendees about three precincts
with these changed credentials, as examples. The credential helpers corrected
two of them on the spot, then for some reason not the third, then moved on.

So at the convention the people who voted were not necessarily the correct
delegates and seated alternates. Even those voted in that day as CD7/State
delegates, weren’t necessarily eligible for those positions. We then waited just
over a week for our monthly BPOU (county Republican) meeting. After much
confrontation, the leaders FINALLY AGREED to investigate that ONE remaining
precinct which had been brought up at Convention. There should have been an
agreement to investigate EVERY precinct! All that needs to be done is compare
the pictures of the paperwork taken caucus night to the current lists for each
precinct, then correct any discrepancies. Simple enough, but for some reason
which you can speculate upon, the leaders would not allow that. They also will
not be looking into the people guilty of making these changes.

Not one of them has asked me who that woman was who was tampering with the
delegate/alternate list of Candor Township, at the Perham caucus. Don’t they
want to know? Or do they already know?! Part of the big picture of what is going
on here and in surrounding counties. Election tampering. I would not have
believed it if I had not attended the caucus, the county convention and the
subsequent county leadership meeting myself.

*Marcia Huddleston*


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