The Democrats socialist reign terror on America



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By Ron Branstner

It is with complete dismay and much reservation that I relinquished my voice to the elected, only to be silenced by those who either choose to ignore the masses or are complicit in deception by the few.  >From roof tops to auditoriums, coffee shops and laptops, Minnesotans have voiced their concerns of voter manipulation and cultural intimidation, only to hear echoes in chambers of reason, replaced by the insanity of identity politics.  Historical and majestic in nature, Minnesota, a once industrial and educational state has succumbed to degradation of failed representation.  The chambers of the elected have embodied a mentality of us versus them and the victimization of an immoral society.  The educational system and the media became predators, subjugating our children with mind altering social acceptance and gender reinterpretation.   As childhood suicide continues to increase each year, the chambers of progressive representation continue a path of social and emotional dysphoria.  These socially depraved ideologs expand their circus show of drag queens to create a vaudeville act on the innocents, legitimizing sodomy and fashion, as though somewhat connected. It’s open season on innocent children, like a game farm at a nature reserve.  Instead of rods and guns, now it is legislators and political word smiting weaponizing the depraved and vilifying the family.  If this is not disturbing enough, what is disturbing is, the voice of the confused locking arms with interfaith/multi faith gain of function.  The invitation to an unholy word, with a symbiotic social acceptance of equity, as though God welcomes sin and condemns the church.  Progressive use the Christiaan theology as a slogan to advance their social agenda’s,  “We are all made in the image of God” as though God has flaws and the Bible is outdated.  Meanwhile removing all reference to Jesus from the Democratic platform. There is a cultural and spiritual war manifesting in states like Minnesota and across the country.  Two diametrically appose parties that have polarized America.  The Progressives wants a state run government,  Abortion LGBTQ, Equity,  open borders, legalizing drugs,  and sex education for elementary children.  History has witnessed the reign of terror and a distain on humanity by the Democrat socialist party, from, Slavery, Jim crow and segregation and the endless social chains of welfare programs This is a war between urban and rural communities.  A war between a just society and anarchist.   Last but not least, a spiritual war of good versus evil.  Matthew 10:21-23 21 “Brothers will turn against their own brothers and hand them over to be killed. Fathers will hand over their own children to be killed. Children will fight against their own parents and will have them killed. 22 Everyone will hate you because you follow me. But the one who remains faithful to the end will be saved. 23 When you are treated badly in one city, go to another city. I promise you that you will not finish going to all the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes again. The Chambers of empty voices will hear the echoes of past and the great commission will sound the trumpets of a great revival.   Thanks,  Ron Branstner


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