The diaspora of the Somali culture in America

Written by Ron Branstner:
   Have you ever wondered how Somalians discipline their children when they have strayed from the flock?
     # 1 ” Dhaqan Celis”, (dukin-I-alice)
      If a Somali child assimilates to our American culture, the parents will consult with their family/elders/Imams/authorities to have their child returned to their homeland with the purpose to be reeducated to their strict Islamic belief system. However, America cannot, by law, deport students for behavior, mental illness, crime, substance abuse, etc. This deportation is done under the radar by the Somali family/community. Youth are not permitted to assimilate into the American culture and seemingly is why Lutheran Social Services refuse to use the word assimilate, but only integrate. The failed state of Somalia from which they arrived, bringing with them their culture, is enforced with Islamic teachings, and must be maintained and sustained according to their traditions (tradition=Islamic law).
       Somali students attending St. Cloud Apollo, St Cloud Tech, the Willmar school system and others throughout the country, are culturally required to adhere to strict guidelines and religious doctrine (Sharia Law).  They are not allowed to sway towards any American tradition. It is only the Prophet Muhammad and his traditions (Islamic law) and practices, found in the Sunnah, which constitute the model for which muslims are to follow. They are not to assimilate.  If a Somali student assimilates to the American lifestyle, they are sent to an Islamic center in their homeland, with parental consent, for an obligatory strict Islamic reorientation program.
       Neither the school system nor the public is officially notified of the child’s departure and relocation. The child may never return. The Somali culture is the result of their own repeated failed government and belief system, yet its elders perpetrate the lie it is successful, to advance Islam.  Girls are being removed from school and forced to have female genital mutilation performed, yet their return can be swift.  These are common practices, yet the school system acts as if it is oblivious to the lie, even when there are Somali Administrators on staff.  Both are grievous forms of child abuse, stripping them of their youth, innocence, lives, and liberties. Returning to their homeland, from which they fled persecution, is in direct violation of the refugee program.  We must acknowledge these horrific forms of child abuse, as well as the manipulation of the school system and federal programs by adding them to the ever growing, list of crimes, such the day care fraud and other money laundering scams, etc.
       Dhaqan Celis,”returned to culture” or by receiving religious and traditional treatments the experiences of those Somali migrants who have been deported or returned to Somaliland, either by authorities or their families, because of criminal behavior, mental illness, drug abuse or life styles that Somali parents cannot accept. It is hoped that they will recover in Somaliland by being “returned to culture” or by receiving religious and traditional treatments.
     Dar al-Harb #1 Every Islamic male knows this word because they attend the Mosque regularly.   Each male has been taught that the United Stated is not Islamic, therefore it’s a land of abode of war, to be conquered.   It’s obligatory to render the country weak to expand the Islamic caliphate into an Islamic state.  .It’s not a secret.  Just ask any male Muslims and they will tell you.  They are very proud of this fact.
       Dar al-Hard #2 Means ‘house of war’ and refers to the dominion of war around the world. Generally, it refers to any place that Islam cannot be practiced without persecution. It also refers to a country that is not under Islamic rule, and is thus not amenable to the majority of its inhabitants practicing Islam.
     America are being played by a third world ideology, with a substandard educational system.  Meanwhile, the interfaith community perpetuates  the biggest of lies,  that we all worship the same God.
Ron Branstner
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