By Rick Willey



We are seeing on the daily news the very messed up condition of our country. So many groups are pushing to correct things and this is not bad, but they do not understand the correction has come from “WE THE PEOPLE”, i n 1992 the Supreme court decision in a 6 to 3 in recognition of the 4th branch of GVT “WE THE PEOPLE” are the 4th branch of GVT and the COMMON LAW GRAND JURY belongs to us, hello grassroots are you ready to accept this, all the other plans do not call for an election by Township and electing a Constable, and JP ask yourself why, the Common law Grand Jury, it is older than the Magna carta, has its roots in the TEN COMANDMENTS, that is why it is in the Constitution, two other courts also named, are the Federal Appellate Court and the Supreme Court no other court is named in the Constitution, so all the other courts are not over the Common Law Grand Jury if any of them disagree with COMMON LAW GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION AND GATHERING OF INFORMATION, they take their action to the Federal Appellate Court, if needed by the Common Law Grand Jury they can take it to the Supreme court. Now why are none of the big names with all their Videos and Podcast time shows not going near this, well the Common Law Grand Jury, the Constable, the JB, and the Militia Panel are the guards of the grassroots people ,they are elected by the people, the County Sheriff is elected by the people we have many around the country and here in MN that think they do not have up hold their Oath to the Constitution, they do this because we have failed to keep in place the other three Constitutional players this helps keep the county Sheriff on line with the constitution, his Oath, and not with Corporate policies of non Constitutional laws. The reason the big dollar players like Sheriff Mac, and many other high profile activists will not deal with the Common Law Grand Jury, is because they will loose favor with the people who want to keep you the grassroots people from taking control of your Constitutional rights, also much of the big dollars they get to help fund them are received from those who are very afraid of you “WE THE PEOPLE” the 4th branch of GVT. This is easy get the two Handbooks, COUNTY SHERIFF’S COMMON LAW HANDBOOK also a second Handbook COMMON LAW HAND BOOK FOR THE GRAND JURY, both by John Darash the Author, order them on Amazon they are $6.99 each book and freight. Get these books and read them you will find that I am right and we have to be smarter than what everyone else thinks we are, I am a George Patton fan and History is my thing always study you opponents their actions their success’s and their failures. your can message me on FB or download our plan from

  We The People

Time is running out folks you best get at this there are 20 thousand townships in this USA, we can do this read the plan you will be glad you did.




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