ALERT !! Environmental Product Disclosure FOR MN

NOTE – This is one of the many Bills coming from your MN Legislature. The Plans they have for us will be CRIPPLING to every aspect of our lives. Some of these were discussed in a recent Townhall by Patriotic MN Legislators : (Begins at 30 min in)

LIVE: Minnesota town hall featuring Sen. Lucero, Rep. Hudson, and Rep. Novotny (



I am not sure if you are aware but here is another garbage piece of legislation that came out MN last year. A little history on why I am writing to you regarding this. I just spoke to a local concrete ready mix supplier in the area who was asking me if I knew anything about this new legislation for which I did not. He said he will have to start disclosing his Carbon Footprint of his concrete that he supplies for any State Highway project or any County Highway project with either Federal or State funding attached to it. He went on to say this will add a significant cost for getting mix designs approved by MnDOT prior to bidding for which he doesn’t even know if he will get the bid for any given project. With these extra costs he said he will likely not bid on any future MnDOT or County State Aid projects.

How does this affect us in Morrison County and the local level?

1. This will take competition out of the bidding process, thus increasing the costs to roads and bridges. Especially hurting the Cities, Townships and Counties that rely on funding from the state as the funding will require this EPD.

2. Products will have to be sourced from further distances thus increasing the cost of shipping while decreasing the quality, as timing/distance is everything when it comes to concrete and bituminous.

3. Local businesses and jobs will suffer as there won’t be as many projects available for them to bid on.

4. Increased strain on our local tax revenue as there will be less money for our infrastructure improvements, thus decreasing the amount of infrastructure improvements. Is it real now? Do people understand how this affects them on the local level? SAVE YOUR CITIES is not just a catch-phrase.

SAVE YOUR CITIES – Tools to Take back your Community

Attached is a report that came out of the University of Washington together with the U of M that explains everything as to where we are at now and where they want to take this. Also, a link for the MN Statute passed into law last year.

MN EPD Study 1-28-2020

A link for Biden’s Executive Order.

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