Milita appears in the Constitution as a right of *WE THE PEOPLE* the 4th branch of GVT. well maintained and managed Milita not some group or groups of total random and unmanaged military style actions. The size and goals are to be kept at the behest of the TOWNSHIP, PARISH,PRECINCT, or WARD that are managed by a constable and justice of the peace both being legally elected by the citizens of the before named areas of WE THE PEOPLE.

The Militia Panel, being organized as a person or two of the Township or other style areas, are recommended as advisors to help provide the correct information to the constable and or the justice of the peace. Both can decide that there is a need and a cause to request a Common Law Grand Jury to protect the rights of the citizens in the Township or areas so named.

This right is also covered by Scalia, in the 1992 summary of the Supreme Court of United States v. Williams, that the Common Law Grand Jury as named in the Bill of Rights belongs to we the people, the 4th branch of GVT. When the issue of protecting the rights granted by God in the constitution needs to be investigated, the grand jury can call before them to question the actions of their concern by those who hold power over the actions that can effect “We The People”.

The Common Law Grand Jury is the only one listed in The Bill of Rights. That means it is in the Constitution. The Grand Jury can recommend to the Constable and the Justice of Peace, that actions are unconstitutional or they are in fact Constitutional. The Grand Jury can also advise the Constable and or the Justice of the peace as to Township or so named areas, if laws or rules of that Township, or so named area, have been violated.

The issue of big GVT. overreach is one that can be addressed by the Common Law Grand Jury, in that they can ask that a Tribunal style jury of We The People be assembled and can be so named as a Milita Tribunal in keeping with the constitution and the right of the people to protect themselves and their property. The punishment can be the same as those used by the Military and this could be very important in the case of major terrorism actions, and invasions from foreign sources and countries. (New York City Police officers attacked by non citizens). Also a problem recently, is use the Native American reservations to try and avoid the GVT. and this is a problem and both the Native Americans and other Law abiding people.

This brings us to the question ; Are you one who is afraid of the word Milita? If so, you are at a place that is not easy to separate the bad players. There is a marked difference between those that have miss used the title Milita and those who would handle it as it was intended. It is your best protection. The founders knew we would have problems like this in time and that is why it comes back to us at the local level to become active and participate in the local GVT “WE THE PEOPLE” the 4th branch of GVT.

Think about what is the thing that scares you the most today. It is time to be honest with our selves and get off our behinds and easy living and realize that “WE THE PEOPLE” are at a turning point that can no longer be ignored. Let us list a few things that we need to keep in the front of our minds.

  1. The Twin Towers of 9 11.
  2. Todays invasion of millions from 100s of countries aided by our own GVT. at Several levels.
  3. Terrorists numbers unknown
  4. Countries of origin unknown
  5. Long range plans of so many young men without families to do what?
  6. Sex trafficking of children and women.
  7. Drug Cartels.
  8. How about the Ohio Sherriff who says we have a Northern border being made ready for an attack on this country.
  9. American hating groups that some of our churches helped to settle here.
  10. Marxists Theology supporters many
  11. Federal GVT being used by those who want us to become the Pile of dung they ran away from.

I could go on and on. So the question is, just what are you afraid of ? Taking control of your own local GVT. and taking control of your rights granted by God?

I think local control with the Common Law Grand Jury with a two person Militia Panel, is not to be feared but be part of your life of being in charge of what is yours and the future of your Community.

Rick Willey

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