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Evidence the Covid Injections Cause Great Harm – CPL Action

‍‍Evidence Covid Injections Causing Great Harms December 13th, 2022 We are approaching 3 years since the early Covid hysteria. Data is pouring in that these injections are extremely dangerous for children and adults. On Wednesday, December 7th, Senator Ron Johnson – R (WI) held a 3 hour roundtable

requesting testimony and data from preeminent doctors, whistleblowers, attorneys, analysts, and vaccine injured people. All have been censored for raising the alarm about the shocking numbers of vaccine injuries and deaths they have witnessed since the shots were mandated for health-care workers, students, the military, and many private businesses. Many of the physicians on the panel have been persecuted by the media and their peers for developing their own early treatment protocols because the CDC did not have one! It still defies common sense that the country with supposedly the premier healthcare system in the world had no early treatment covid protocol! People who tested positive were essentially told to ‘just go home and tough it out.’ If you turn blue…’go to the ER’. The panel doctors successfully used inexpensive and proven repurposed drugs as part of their early Covid 19 treatment protocol and dared to advocate for them. In other words, they were vilified for being good doctors! The roundtable is an outstanding session filled with data and information that is not opinion but fact. We implore you to listen to the entire session

and share it widely as this is the only way we can spread the truth and keep others out of harm’s way. It is critical information to equip you. Dr. Robert Malone one of the inventors of mRNA technology was asked directly if the Covid 19 shots were “vaccines” or “gene therapy”. He said they were “gene therapy.” Why is this significant? In an earlier interview

Dr. Malone clarified what that means: 1. When this shot is injected into your children’s cells, it forces their bodies to manufacture toxic spike proteins. 2. The spike proteins invade cells all over the body causing inflammatory responses and potentially permanent damage to vital organs and the immune system. 3. Once this damage occurs it’s irreversible. 4. The potential reproductive damage can last for generations. Because it’s a novel technology, it has not been tested. We truly have NO IDEA about the magnitude of the long-term harms. 5. The RISK/BENEFIT ratio for children is simply not there. As you can see by this graphic, Covid 19 presents virtually no risk of death to children and young adults. (Had America adopted early treatment, this graph would look significantly better for older adults too.) ‍ Two years into the shots however, there is abundant and horrifying evidence the shots are injuring and killing large numbers 0 people, including children. How is this possible and yet we are still being told to get “vaccinated and boosted”?

There were so many significant take aways from the roundtable, but several stand out: – During a parliamentary hearing in Belgium on Oct. 10, 2022, one of the chief executives of Pfizer testified the vaccines were NEVER tested to prevent transmission, because they had to operate at the “speed of science.” Yet, all the ‘experts’ told us the virus “stopped” with everyone who got the shot. Go to the 1:32:14 for this brief segment. This strongly suggests fraud. – At 1:40:00; Dr. Peter McCullough explains how the CDC ignored its own V-safe and VAERS data

which ARE THEIR OWN early warning systems for safety signals. Incredibly, the FDA did NOT commission a single monthly safety report nor attempt any risk mitigation for the injury and death reports that were pouring in. Nor did the CDC conduct a risk-benefit analysis of vaccines for young people! Dr. Paul Offit, a member of the FDA vaccine advisory board requested this to be done last April! Considering the shots are experimental and still under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), this is dereliction of duty. – At around 1:45:00 they discuss that the claim “safe and effective” must be PROVEN….and the FDA never did this. In fact, the Covid shots were never proven to be “safe and effective.” Yet, these are the three words pounded into our psyche day after day. – A very interesting discussion follows around the 2:10:00 mark when the question is asked about the CDC and FDA…”what did they know and when did they know it.” – Sen. Johnson asked several physicians to describe what they are seeing clinically in their patients. At the 2:26:21 mark Dr. James Thorpe, one of the nations’ premier OB/GYN’s, spoke for several minutes. He said the clinical data is “catastrophic.” The CDC considers a TWO-FOLD increase in any adverse event to be danger signal. – Since women began receiving the Covid 19 ‘vaccines’ he has observed 50-, 100-, and 1000-fold increases such as: o A 1200-fold increase in menstrual irregularities in women o A 58-fold increase in miscarriages o A 38-fold increase in fetal death o “Substantial” and “unprecedented” increases in infertility rates and fetal malformations Dr. Thorpe called the covid 19 injections “lethal.” -There are powerful segments discussing the incredibly high “all-cause mortality” rates in young people which soared after Covid 19 shots were mandated. Unfortunately, these rates have not abated. – UK data shows the vaccinated are suffering much higher rates of higher mortality than the unvaccinated. We could highlight so much more. But the sycophants of the mainstream media (who are heavily funded by Big Pharma) have completely ignored this information, so it’s up to us to share it and create a multiplier effect. Part of the urgency behind this call to action is that on Monday, Dec. 5, 2022, Pfizer announced they were seeking EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) approval for their new mRNA based “bi-valent” covid/flu booster for children ages 6 months to 4 years old. By Friday, December 9th, they had approval. We will publish an alert about the bi-valent authorization in the next few days. It is well documented the CDC has ignored their own safety signals. Please listen to the roundtable. It will likely become the basis for the promised Congressional hearings to investigate professional, pharmaceutical, and governmental malfeasance. Please contact your Congressional Representative and request they commence these hearings without delay. But, until that happens, we must be equipped with the other side of the story which has been deliberately censored and hidden from us. We’ve been inundated with propaganda. To make informed decisions for our children, we must follow the evidence where it leads us. Please visit our website for more information

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