Are you prepared for NO ELECTRICITY ?



EDITORS NOTE – I wholeheartedly appreciate this recent information but feel I must add some info from my own experiences.

1) Generator – Honda makes a very quiet and very reliable Generator. There is a cheaper, Chinese ‘Knock Off’ which is very good called PREDATOR. I have one on my wood splitter (7 years now) and I really like it.

      A) If you expect long term use, get a large Propane tank, 1000 gal, or whatever size suits you. You can get good used ones. Have your generator adapted to direct Propane input so you do not have to work with Gas Cans. Most newer generators are available with Optional Propane adapters.


That MN Blackout Bill again makes it plain to see, for those with eyes open, that the elected leaders in Minnesota are totally disconnected from what the people of Minnesota want. No one that I know wants to pay higher electricity bills. Or face blackouts in winter or summer. Large scale solar and wind is a fairytale, neither will make Minnesota "Greener" or help the people.

My friend Isaac Orr has been following this story for several years. 

 More here:

Keep the fight on.


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