PLEASE WATCH FOR THIS IN YOUR COMMUNITY AND STAND UP TO IT. Read below a letter from a concerned citizen concerning recent actions by their local County Board of Commissioners:

Commissioners, as you address the ordinance for rental rules, regulations
and restrictions, I see a trend for government outreach and control that is
becoming a repeated pattern. This pattern leads to more babysitting, fees,
fines and most concerning is the revocation of property rights. I DO NOT
CONSENT. Demanding cameras is an invasion of privacy. Erecting fences
causes division. Demanding fees affects the poor. You are expecting
neighbors to enforce YOUR rules and want an outside vendor to ‘scrape’ for
violators. All this could likely lead to endless litigation at taxpayers
expense. I DO NOT CONSENT.

At your special meeting recently, ONE commissioner remarks even made
reference to identifying those that do not comply. Her words are as

“I was kind of bummed…. but what is too bad is we don’t have a great way
to really be on top of who’s out there doing this, that isn’t going through
the process and how we can even go about finding them….

This isOrwellian and major overreach and you are turning this county
into a police state. Your function in government is to work FOR the
people. This is an apparent infringement of people’s rights, personal
liberties and privacy of property. I DO NOT CONSENT.

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