January 19, 2023

‍Recently and within days of each other, several Minnesota libraries across the state received bomb threats . 

Another Round of Public Library Bomb Threats (bookriot.com)

Libraries in other states received similar threats in 2023 and radical gender activists were quick to accuse Moms For Liberty of inciting them. Not a shred of evidence exists to support these fake accusations, but for anyone who’s paying attention, the false charges against Moms for Liberty are no surprise.

Lakeville’s Dakota Heritage Library, as of this writing and without any evidence, has refused to remove charges on their Facebook page that directly accuse the local Dakota County Moms For Liberty chapter and its leadership of supporting the bomb threats. The library has ignored numerous requests to have those accusations removed. Instead, the baseless claims have been allowed to remain and influence public opinion.
Also not surprisingly, the Facebook “fact checkers” are conspicuously absent!

The Fergus Falls Public Library also received a phoned-in bomb threat similar to other threats received across the state. According to the Fergus Falls police chief,  “There was no credibility to the threat.”

Fergus Falls Public Library Closed Due to Threats | Fergus Now

These threats have all the earmarks of a false flag operation. (A ‘false flag” is a violent or a violence-threatening incident secretly perpetrated by a group against itself or someone else for the purpose of falsely accusing another group of being dangerous and violent.)
The newly minted, up-and-coming generation of gender activist librarians have been trained by the fully radicalized American Library Association (ALA). Among other things, the ALA promotes Drag Queen Story Hours for toddlers. Some of the drag queens have been known child sex offenders.

The ALA hates Moms For Liberty, because they heroically stand against the ALA’s transformation of our tax-funded and once family-friendly libraries into havens of sexually explicit, porn-filled, and gender-bending books targeting children.

The sad reality is that the ALA has been conquered by the Marxist cultural revolution and is deploying its trained troops into small and large towns across America to infiltrate our long-beloved libraries. Libraries are no longer safe spaces for children.

In fact, the new ALA President, Emily Drabinski, identifies as a Marxist lesbian and queer activist. Upon learning of her election, she tweeted:

CPL Stands with Moms4Liberty – CPL Action

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