Tactical Civics and return to COMMON LAW REPUBLIC

Many folks in MN have contacted us on Tactical Civics because of its similarity to what we are trying to do with SAVE YOUR CITIES.COM.  The main difference between us and Tact. Civ. is that they focus on the County level. Here in MN we are so taken over by NGOs at that level that we have instead concentrated on Township Level where we POTENTIALLY still have some say.

     The County fight is, of course very important, and the Activist Groups in many MN Communities,  are often, very effective. Our current goal is to interest these MN Groups in the TACTICAL CIVICS as well as NLA because they are focused on COMMON LAW.  We are in touch with some of these National Groups and some are very interested in helping MN, partly because of widespread interest here. We plan to connect as many Patriots as possible.  In the meantime, let 2 Groups speak for themselves.

1) Tactical Civics. They have a great book called The Great WE SET by David Zuniga obtainable on Amazon. Their Website is :


2) NLA. National Liberty Alliance. Recent Podcast PLUS Website:






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