Embroiled MNGOP Chair David Hann Attempts to Walk Back His Lawsuit

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/7/2024 *Local Patriots’ Counter-suit Moves Ahead, Embroiled MNGOP Chair David Hann Attempts to Walk Back His Lawsuit* MNGOP State Chair David Hann Wages Lawfare Against local Republicans.

After persecuting grassroots Republicans, Minnesota’s Republican Party Chair David Hann tries to evade accountability; court grants motion in favor of local grassroots Republicans./ *MOORHEAD, MN*- In a continuing saga of betrayal, deception, courage, and restoration, Edwin Hahn and the Republicans of Clay County are fighting for truth and justice in Minnesota. Despite being slandered in newspapers .and by party insiders for the past 3 years, Edwin and his wife Lisa Hahn, allied with the official Republican BPOU in Clay County, are pressing onward, unphased by the muddy attacks In-kind, a counter lawsuit from the Republicans of Clay County and Chair Edwin Hahn advances, seeking restitution for damage caused by Calvin Benson, David Hann, Rodney Johnson, Laurie Christianson, and Katie Koppelman for Theft, Conspiracy and Defamation, and for alleged violations of Minnesota Statute §604.14; including multiple counts of intentional tort. According to ROCC and Edwin, “These individuals refused to accept that their establishment-friendly clique lost, and they knowingly and willfully joined a conspiracy to harm Plaintiffs, Edwin Hahn and the Republicans of Clay County, and change the outcome of the election in favor of their preferred co-conspirator, Rodney Johnson.” Leading the civil conspiracy to harm the Republicans was politico Calvin Benson, son of State Senator and gubernatorial candidate, Michelle Benson. At the time, Calvin Benson was a paid staffer for Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach. Fischbach recently failed to be endorsed for re-election at the CD7 Republican’s convention. According to the Primacy Strategy Group, Calvin Benson is now employed as a member of the State and Local Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs team. Clay County’s contention between politicos and working class Republicans began during the fake pandemic of 2020; it was the “summer of love” when the psychological operation of COVID-19 was at its peak. The Black Lives Matter riots burned uncontrolled from the epicenter of Minneapolis/Saint George, spreading as far north as the Fargo-Moorhead community. As Edwin recalls, “The governor of Minnesota had just shut down all the churches and declared it unlawful to gather in your home. So we did what every American should have done, we defied his dystopian decree, and began gathering every Saturday morning with coffee & treats, singing hymns, studying the bible, praying for our community, and sharing a meal together.” It was from this humble beginning that a movement launched, reaching all the way to the ivory towers of Twin Cities’ political elites in the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Aug. 23, 2021. Edwin Hahn holds a sign at a Moorhead school board meeting in protest to unconstitutional mask and vaccine mandates. Photo: Michael Vosburg./ Having no other conscionable choice but to wake from the manufactured normie matrix and pledge their sacred honor to protect human rights, Mr. Hahn and his wife Lisa were forced to accept a new paradigm. “Looking back, we were naive. We thought it was team blue vs. team red, and just like those old spy vs. spy cartoons, we could easily identify the bad guys, and we were supporting the good guys. We were so deceived. We had to embrace an entirely new reality about who was running our Republican party.” In early 2020, Edwin Hahn received the local Republican’s endorsement as the MNGOP’s candidate for State House. In 2021, Edwin won election to the Republicans of Clay County Chairmanship, and began an initiative to educate, equip, and mobilize the people for the American cause of liberty. Just a few months into the initiative, Minnesota’s political elites decided to put a stop to Edwin Hahn and the local Republican patriots. In January of 2023, almost a year after a malevolent and illegitimate attempt at removing Edwin as the local Chair, MNGOP Chair David Hann and his local political operatives initiated a lawsuit against the Republicans of Clay County (ROCC BPOU). According to the law firm representing Edwin Hahn and ROCC BPOU, David Hann’s lawsuit accuses, “Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Tortious Interference with Contract, and Action to Recover Possession of Personal Property arising out of, and in relation to, what it now asserts was an ‘intraparty dispute.’” 14 months later, after local Republicans filed acounter suit and realizing his legal offensive would not succeed on its merits, David Hann attempted to walk back his claims against the disputed Republicans of Clay County BPOU, and requested the court dismiss ROCC. If the dismissal was granted, it would have effectively vacated the court to hold accountable David Hann and the political elites, and prevented recompense for the incredible harm done to the rights of the people Statewide. Thankfully and justly, the court ruled in favor of the local Republicans of Clay County and Edwin Hahn, denying David Hann’s request to retract his lawsuit. Most importantly, the court clearly stated the disenfranchised local Republicans of Clay County to be an interested party in the lawsuit, with a right to intervene. “The individuals we are suing breached the contracts, constitution, bylaws, and operating agreements of both the Republicans of Clay County BPOU and Republican Party of Minnesota,” wrote Edwin Hahn. The Hahns and Republicans in Clay County were not alone in being maltreated. Multiple accounts of the political class assailing local Republicans in Kittson County, Senate District 1, Senate District 10, Senate District 50, and Otter Tail County are counted as punishment for everyday folk peeking behind the curtain of Minnesota’s political machinations, revealing a glimpse of the dark appetites of political elites and their hunger for power, money, and status – no matter the cost. ROCC and Hahn are seeking restorative justice for what was stolen: truth, honor, civil rights, and reputation.

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