Executive Order Creates New Digital Currency

           Executive Order 14067 What Does It Mean For You?

By Henry Griner <https://henrygriner.com/author/jared/>

*/What do you need to know regarding Executive Order 14067 signed by Joe Biden 
on March 9, 2022?/*

Does Executive Order 14067 take us away from paper money, credit cards, and 
debit cards?

When does this Executive Order go into affect?

What does Executive Order have to do with*The Great Reset 

What is the*Internet of Bodies that Clay Clark refers to?


    More Changes Are Coming

The past 2 years have brought us many changes. 
The Plandemic      


(COVID-19) was just one of the tools that the Elites of the world used to test people and prove they had the ability to control us. Some of us anyway.

Now we are hearing more about Climate Change.
Back in Minnesota Xcel Energy

 is pushing to close one of the last large coal powered generation plants there and convert the property to a solar farm. With the state already running short on electric generation capacity, that’s not a good plan.

So what’s next?

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