Freedoms -Where We Were. Where We Are. What We Need to Do.

(From one of our favorite MN Patriots)

Dear Friends,

With elections revealing the stark reality of how far America has strayed from her founding principles, once again we find ourselves facing those who believe in the revisionist narrative of the Pilgrims as “arrogant oppressors”.

Though clandestine church services were held, there are those who say the Pilgrims did not flee to the wilderness from oppression. After a decade in Holland, their departure was a decisive move to protect their children from what they felt was, in today’s terms, 'indoctrination' into the Dutch culture.

Actively looking to implement all that America is not, many of our current Minnesota representatives are the oppressors of a narcissistic ideology. The tyranny of One Minnesota, The Green New Deal, Green Step Cities, and more, have hidden goals, synced agendas, with one of the goals clearly revealed in the statement to indoctrinate, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

The circumvention of our freedoms is coming from every direction, and it is oppressive in nature. Unfortunately, the reality is there is no longer a wilderness to flee to. To protect our children, our future, our America, our Republic- we must boldly stand committed.

Yes, we could all move to a red state for a reprieve for what? Five years? Certainly, it will not last ten. Should Minnesota remain on this trajectory, naivete is to believe there will be any long-term sanctuary state in the union. If to fail, Minnesota will merely be the first in causing a house of cards to fall. To abandon our state is to abandon all the sacrifices that came before us.

This Minnesota socialist God hating cancer must be stopped. Should believers abandon their call to leadership, others will ultimately follow them, leaving the state. Rather than the glorious freedom God wants for us, Minnesota will succumb to the death grip of a cancerous, communist state. It is imperative to understand this deadly disease respects no boundaries and must be surgically excised by those who will use their God given talents. To not do so, the cancer will grow unchecked, looking to kill, murder, and destroy America.

We need Strategists. We need proven successful business minds. We need teachers and students of the Word and the Constitution. We need creative and sound action plans with doers committed to implement. We must stand firmly aligned in our allegiance, or the Minnesota we have known will fade from memory.

In choosing to flee, our abandonment will allow for continuation of the unfettered sale of slaughtered babies. We will be judged for the continued manipulation, mutilation, and immoral turning of our youth away from God and who He created them to be. We will be held responsible for not protecting the vulnerable, for not fighting to stop the unrepentant crime, the loss of medical freedom, the loss of movement, and so much more.

Do not be deceived. From the local to the global, every state is experiencing a malignancy with a globalist agenda. This disease manifests within the non-elected boards, non-representative governments, and government agency deals made with nonprofits and NGO’s.

Utilizing globalist controls, our vote and our freedoms have been handed over to the non-elected, by our elected representatives, giving the non-elected power over our very way of life. This is wrong. This is evil. These unholy freedom stealing alliances must stop.

The Pilgrims ran towards holiness. Behind them, our founding fathers and framers put their lives and their fortunes on the line for freedom. Throughout our history, America’s ancestors have stood firm, committed and bold in their beliefs resulting in a Christian state, America.

Today, America is vulnerable and in a struggle for survival. As a militia of steadfast warriors, boldly committed in the sacraments of truth we still can, having the tools, turn this around by using our unrealized COMMON LAW CITIZEN GRAND JURIES. Now is our time in history. It is time to unite with a common cause – FREEDOM.

Have a Blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with action for reclaimed freedom.

Kathy Burkett
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