Citizens have UNREALIZED Power at the local level

   *  NOTE - Here in MN, we have some brave citizens who have taken up the cause. It is all new to me but appears to have some real merit to it. For our 
part, we will begin at the TWP level and see how it is accepted there. I think 
most alert folks in MN recognize the immediate threats we face from a tyrannical 
Governor and his local NGO cronies and are willing to take a chance on what 
appears to be TOTALLY CONSTITUTIONAL Plan. Please read this article below and 
then go to the website.


  Common Law Citizen’s Grand Juries: WE’VE GOT THE POWER


It’s clear. Our probably–not–really–elected “officials” lack the vision of our 
forefathers and of the American people today. So, it is time for The People to 
by-pass these “officials” as well as the entire corporate government system and 
/do the right thing/. *It is time for us to form our own methods of dealing with 
those who harm others and do so according to Common Law / Natural Law*.

The Bill of Rights, the foundation of the American Constitution, provides for indictment (a formal 
charge of a serious crime) only by a jury of ordinary people. This jury, under 
Common Law, is called a Grand Jury. The Grand Jury is typically made up of 12-23 
regular people and is responsible for investigating potential criminal conduct 
to determine whether charges should be brought. (According to Wikipedia 
<>, the United 
States is the only Common Law jurisdiction in the world that still uses the 
Grand Jury to screen criminal indictments. Other countries use other types of 
preliminary hearings.)

Our dilemma has been, most judges today /deny/ that We The People have the power 
to convene Grand Juries. This is due to deceptive wording in the Federal Rules 
of Criminal Procedure which you can read for yourself under Title III, Rule 6 
<>  (note the phrase “legally 
qualified persons”). Nevertheless, the Constitution still provides for The 
People (“several individual citizens”) to convene and administer due process as per the words of King John in the Magna Carta, “[n]o free man shall be taken or imprisoned … or in any way destroyed, nor will we go upon him nor send upon him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.” The law of the land is Common Law / Natural Law.


Common Law Citizen's Grand Juries: WE'VE GOT THE POWER - Stillness in the Storm 

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