Grassroots candidate responds to unwarranted attacks


To clear the air of lies, misconceptions and slanderous accusations that the 
teachers union president Mike Kaluza has been spreading about myself, I recently 
met with the little falls superintendent and High school principal. I am 
concerned about the wellbeing of our children and fixing flaws in our education 
system, mostly coming from liberal ideologies from the teachers union. 
Transgenderism is not a thing. There are boys and there are girls. They 
confirmed there are children who identify as transgender in our school and we do 
have a transgender bathroom. I asked how the school manages and are we providing 
counseling? I was told that certain accommodations were made in the school to 
help them feel welcomed, and the principal stated I always start with asking if 
the parents know and keeping the parents involved. After speaking with medical 
professionals, I have discovered that .018% of babies are born intersex, people 
with external genitalia that does not match internal sex organs. That is 1.8 
babies in 10,000. If a child is born this way, we should absolutely help them 
however we can. What we must address, is mental illness. For the best interest 
of our children, we can not allow them , the children, to decide what sex they 
are. If parents are allowing their children to pick a gender, this is 
inappropriate. After talking with many people in the school district, I feel we 
are enabling a mental health concern by not addressing the fact that, 
transgenderism, in the context we are seeing it in young children, is a social 
construct allowed by just allowing mental health issues to be ignored.
If we already have transgender bathrooms and accommodations for these students, 
what happens next when a child says they want to be a cat? Will accommodations 
then be made to make them feel welcome also? Where do we draw the line! We send 
our teachers to MEA meetings that teach them about being anti-white and 
supporting LQBTQ+. I was told from the superintendent and principal that YES, 
they go to the meetings, but doesn’t always mean they teach what they learn. We, 
society, do not give people tools and expect them not to use them. Why are 
TEACHERS being taught about anti-whiteness, multigenderism and the like, if they 
are not expected to share this in the classroom. If I teach you how to use a 
wrench in plumber school, I expect you to use that skill in your career. This is 
no different with teachers. If they are being given these tools, they are 
expected to use them in the classroom. To say anything different is ignorant.
Instead of worrying about the mental stability of our students we just enable 
mental illness. This is appalling. Where are the adults that are helping these 
students work through this issues and troubles? I know I thought this sometimes 
as a child. “I wish I had someone to help me”.
Becoming an adult is difficult. We need strong adults to help our children grow. 
I am a mom raising children in a world that is going in the wrong direction. I 
wish I had more strong adults when I was growing up to help me navigate being a 
teen and growing up. I don’t send my child to school to explore their sexuality! 
I’m fighting to keep the children’s innocence! I’m fighting for the voices of 
bullied teachers and students. Mike Kaluza has unfortunately misled people, as 
stated in his union meeting minutes on how to respond if someone asks the hard 
questions. Mike told these teachers at these meetings on how to LIE to everyone 
and make sure not to vote for someone willing to stand up and say PARENTS voices 
matter! STUDENTS voices matter. Parents have heard too many times well you know 
kids lie. You know who else lies? ADULTS, that cant get past their insecurities. 
Yes adults lie too! We the parents of Little Falls Schools have been lied to, by 
so called trusted adults and teachers. I’m not saying every single teacher and 
person in the school. I trust most of the teachers and staff in our school 
system, but we have been lied to! I am a parent that is passionate about not 
just my children’s future, but the future and well-being of all children! I may 
not be a great public speaker and say things that don’t sound right, but my 
heart bleeds for the children. We need to stop the social issues and get back to 
education. There is NOT an American flag in every room and they don’t say the 
pledge every day. Principal Biorge stated they do the pledge on Mondays, over 
the loud speaker, and if there isn’t a flag in the room, students should stand 
facing the south where the flag is outside the building. He also stated that 
they don’t make kids stand or even say it.
I’m fighting for our community and families. Great men and women have sacrificed 
much for what we, Americans, have today. Yes, the principal and superintendent 
acknowledged that there are issues being taught to teachers that should not be 
in the school system. Anti-white rhetoric in the MN teachers union handbook, 
surveys asking about the 19 different genders that your child can be. If you 
asked a co-worker if they were a bi-sexual trans him/her/they, you would get 
fired from your job. Why do we allow these questions to be asked to our 
children? The inappropriate behavior ends with me on the school board.
Thank you,

Cassie Fredregill

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