How dangerous are the Covid shots for children?

Will Children be harmed by the Covid 19 shots?

" If you’re going to do something overnight…. you better make sure the longer-term benefits outweigh the harms." – Allen Cassells on Covid 19 vaccine safety for children.

"We’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is [for children] unless we start giving it.” – Eric Rubin, FDA Advisory Board

In our humble opinion, Rubin answers that question by regarding our children as human guinea pigs. Cassells wants to protect them.

This is a letter from our hearts and may be the one of the most important emails you will ever receive from us. 
We do not pretend to be medical experts nor scientists. But we can read, ask questions, and think….and so can you.
Correlation does not prove causation. However, when the totality of corroborating evidence becomes so enormous, it is intellectually dishonest NOT to follow the evidence where it leads…even if it leads to something almost too hard to fathom. We could not in good conscience remain silent given what we have learned.
We hope this alert better equips you to make a fully informed decision about the dangers Covid 19 inoculations pose for children. We suspect there will be an 11th hour effort to make these ‘vaccines’ part of the back-to-school vaccination schedule to coerce families into compliance. 
We sincerely hope we are wrong and sincerely hope we are wrong about all that follows in this email.
We have been presenting “The Raging War Against Children; the Psychological Warfare that has been unleashed against children and families" ( ) before many groups all over the state. Included in that presentation is a brief discussion about the detrimental effects Covid ‘Safety’ Protocols had on children and learning, as well as the fear, censorship and propaganda campaigns deployed to enforce them.
As with our briefing paper regarding the dangers of masking children ( ), we have serious questions and concerns about the recent FDA approval and massive push to vaccinate children and babies against Covid 19 using experimental mRNA vaccines.

Let's think logically about what is known.

1.We were told by Dr. Fauci and the CDC that the Covid 19 vaccines would fully protect us ( ). However, it quickly became clear they DO NOT protect adults from illness, transmission and/or reinfection. If they don’t ‘work’ as promised for adults, what indicates they will ‘work’ for children?

2.All the early warning vaccine injury reporting sites such as VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) ( )are reporting massive numbers of significant vaccine injuries, disabilities, and deaths across all age groups. These are numbers never seen before in the 30 years this reporting system has been in existence. Furthermore, adults can articulate when something is wrong. How can an infant do that?

3.The vaccine now approved for infants and children is calibrated to a viral strain no longer in circulation. It is extinct.
4.The PREP Act gave Big Pharma a legal immunity shield ( ) from any harms caused by their vaccines. Does full legal liability immunity encourage impeccable safety and testing standards, or perhaps the opposite? 

5.By getting the vaccines approved for children the legal immunity shield is complete and impenetrable ( ). The exception: if it can be proven Big Pharma committed FRAUD.

The following sections contain many links. Most of these will not be at the top of your Google search as they are all censored and suppressed. We realize for many, this may be the first time you have read anything like this and will be skeptical. Be skeptical! But please continue reading because very serious and qualified people are reporting significant concerns. They must be heard. 

Let us also consider current information related to the adult vaccine rollout, simply because it is logical to expect children to be similarly impacted.

1.The CDC stated in March that 95% ( )of Americans over the age of 16 had identifiable Covid antibodies (immunity). It can be extrapolated this would hold true for children under 16 as well. Even newborns are naturally protected by such a high level of protection in the population.

2. Studies are pouring in showing natural immunity ( ) is superior and that SARS-Cov-2 vaccinated adults are MUCH LESS likely to develop broad spectrum immunity toward future strains ( ) than the unvaccinated. 

3.The vaccines appear to be causing damage to the immune system ( ). 

4.There is growing evidence that the vaccinated are experiencing Antibody Enhanced Dependency ( ) (ADE) where the covid 19 vaccines raise “antibodies that don't protect, but actually make a viral infection even worse.” ( ) Scientists, doctors and epidemiologists have long known this can occur when you vaccinate ‘into’ a pandemic. 

5.We were told the experimental mRNA shots could NOT alter our DNA but the very mechanism by which they integrate into the body indicates otherwise. ( )

6.Covid vaccine injuries and deaths are being ignored by all major media. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) ( ) was specifically designed to be our “early warning” system that something might be wrong with a vaccine. 

As of July 22, 2022, VAERS recorded 29,270 deaths and 1,357,940 adverse events nationally (including deaths) with almost 20% of them being serious. All were reported to be caused by one of the Covid vaccines. 

More than 1250 peer reviewed reports ( ) have been submitted reporting on very serious adverse events. The WHO maintains VigiAccess ( ). As of this writing, there are over 4 MILLION adverse events reported worldwide. Additionally, it is well documented that VAERS is grossly underreported ( ) and reflects just a fraction of the actual number of cases, so the real number of deaths, disabilities and injuries is actually much higher. Why are vaccines with this staggering level of documented death and injury history still in use? The swine flu shot ( ) was pulled after just 25 deaths!

One would think there would be scientific and journalistic curiosity surrounding such horrific numbers! How many deaths and injuries will finally be too many?

7.The fully vaxxed and boosted now disproportionately represent the majority of cases, illnesses and deaths. ( )

8.Life insurance companies are reporting massive increases in all-cause mortality ( ) rates and disabilities since these vaccines were mandated.

As it relates to children and the vaccines, we have NO long-term data for safety, efficacy, and harms. But we have a great deal of information indicating the shots are wholly unnecessary for children. In fact, they appear to be more dangerous to them than the actual virus.

1.The FDA approved these shots for children under 5 by ignoring their own benchmarks for efficacy, sample size and safety. ( )

2.Children are in virtually no danger of ( ) suffering serious illness or death
 after contracting any strain of Covid.

3.Children have a much greater probability of experiencing serious adverse ( ) events and even death from the experimental gene therapy Covid 19 shots. VAERS has recorded that 58 babies who received mRNA vaccines ( ) experienced life-threatening adverse events. 

4.Doctors are advising against injecting children with these experimental shots citing flawed trial data, no demonstrable benefit and growing harms and adverse events. ( ) 

5.Abundant evidence exists that the vaccines are causing myocarditis ( ) in children and young adults.

6.“Imprinting” the developing and immature immune systems of babies and children with a viral strain no longer circulating means these inoculated children may never “develop appropriate defenses when confronted ( ) — even years later — by a Covid variant or another totally different pathogen.”

7.The FDA issued EUA approval to administer the Pfizer vaccine to children based upon a ridiculously small sample size and manipulated data. ( )

8.The shots do NOT stay in the muscle of the arm. Pfizer trial data documented that within 48 hours it traveled ( ) to the ovaries, the heart, testes, liver, spleen, lymphatic system and crossed the blood brain barrier. 

9.Growing evidence indicates that the shots negatively affect fertility ( ), and correlate with skyrocketing neonatal deaths ( ) and declining birth rates. ( ) We currently have NO IDEA what the long term effects could be to a child’s own development and fertility.

10.The shots inject the spike protein into the body and ‘program’ the body to continue manufacturing the spike protein for an unknown number of days. The spike IS the toxin which triggers the body to mount an immune response. Thus, the body is in a perpetual, continual, heightened state of red alert and we do not know how long this pressure on the immune system continues. The Pfizer trial did no long term follow up with any co-hort.

11.The largest North American manufacturer of coffins is reporting multiple “bulk orders” of child-size coffins ( ). This is extremely abnormal.

12.The FDA just implemented ( ) the “Future Framework ( )” without actually voting on it. Big Pharma’s scheme will ensure that “all future COVID-19 shots, regardless of the formulation, will automatically be deemed ‘safe and effective’ without additional clinical trials because they are considered ‘biologically similar’ to existing shots.” 

Please investigate all the links and the links within the links. 
Do your own research. 
Subscribe to those who have put their professional careers and reputations in jeopardy to pursue the truth about these injections. May we suggest doctors like Dr. Peter McCullough ( ), Dr. Robert Malone ( ), Dr. Lee Merritt ( ), Dr. Paul Alexander ( ), Dr. Pierre Kory ( ), Dr. Paul Marik ( ), Dr. Jessica Rose ( ), Dr. George Fareed ( ), Dr. Ryan Cole ( ), Dr. Richard Urso, ( ) Dr. Aaron ( )

Kheriaty ( ), and Dr. Michael Yeadon ( )? This is by no means an exhaustive list.

May we also suggest data experts such as Edward Dowd ( ), Alex Berenson ( ), and Steve Kirsch ( )? Dowd was one of the first to recognize that the astronomical rise in “all-cause mortality ( )” ( ) in working-age people between 18-54 was statistically linked to the Covid 19 vaccines mandated by governments and employers all over the world. This is the age group covered by group life policies and life insurance actuaries can’t lie. 

Please, please consider all this evidence before making decisions 
regarding Covid vaccinations of your babies and young children!
 The vaccine rollout for infants and children is an experiment. 
Waiting is a wise option. 

If you have read this far, we hope you will agree these vaccines have not proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to be “safe and effective”.

Additional resources:
Please visit the and carefully read through the reports ( ) this group has compiled using Pfizer’s own trial data.

During the short Pfizer trial, they recorded 1223 deaths, and 158,000 adverse reactions, including fetal deaths, spontaneous abortions and more. ( )

Team Enigma- ( )How Bad is my Batch? - ( ) They have analyzed the vaccine adverse events data bases and determined toxicity by batch. 

The Real Dr. Fauci ( ) - written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Bodies of Others ( )- written by Dr. Naomi Wolf

Sen. Ron Johnson Congressional Hearing ( )

Defense Medical Epidemiology Database -DMED data ( ) reveals significant injuries and disabilities to military personnel after Covid injections

Children’s Health Defense ( )

50 Reasons why the Pandemic is over ( ) - Steve Kirsch substack post

Huge numbers of top athletes worldwide are dying, ( )most of whom were mandated to take the vaccines in order to compete. Also the number who have survived their collapse ( ) or were forced to retreat from competition is steadily growing. 


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