By Rick Willey

Let us look where we are today in a short review. A big problem in our Federal Government! The violations of the Constitution are at a level of treason to the likes of which we have never seen before in our history. Neither party has the guts to step up and call it what it is. They all know we are at the final step before we lose this great country which so many gave their all to help create.

The biggest and most dangerous move is just in front of us and can happen any day. They all call it the reset; I am going to skip most of the things that are going to be part of it and only list the most important actions we will feel in many areas of our lives.

*If you have anything with a mortgage or a finance contract of any kind, you will be out of luck. The big banks, the Feds and the government debt that will have to be serviced it will far exceed what the private sector can cover.*

The justice system we have today is in total decay from the corruption of the powerful few. You now are  *guilty until proven innocent.*  This is totally backwards from what the Founders Plan had in mind for us  *innocent until proved guilty.*  If you think the American Bar Association (ABA) is going to defend the system, review what is going on today as the political powerful use the system for their own power and greed. Understand how Socialism works. In the end, they will eat their own but if you think it is going to skip you then you are grossly mistaken. Only the 10% of the very wealthiest control 90% of the stock market and of that 10%, even fewer control the Fed and the banks. Today it now includes the Courts and the Justice System.


In 1992, at the Supreme Court, Antonin Scalia, wrote the summary “WE THE PEOPLE” are the 4th branch of GVT. and The Grand Jury belongs to us. The only one listed in the Bill of Rights is THE COMMON LAW GRAND JURY. The case was The United States v. Williams, 112 S.Ct.1735,504 U.S. 36, 118L.Ed.2d352(1992). The Common Law Grand Jury is the only one that even the Supreme court will stay away because it is in the Constitution that all of them swore an oath to uphold.

In OUR PLAN,  you will find that each Township, Parish, Precinct, or Ward has the Constitutional right to form their own local Government “WE THE PEOPLE” and control all the functions it chooses. A few examples include our schools, Constable, Justice of the Peace, Voting, protection from any outside invasion of our Township, County or State if the GVT fails to protect our borders.

Given in the Constitution is the right to have a well-managed and maintained Militia. This does not have to be thousands of well-armed troops. It can be a panel of advisors to the Justice of the Peace, who would set up a Militia Military structured Tribunal, this Tribunal (Military Rules & punishment) would be made up of those chosen by the people to serve and to prosecute those that the Common Law Grand Jury recommends should be so treated. This could be an entire branch of Government guilty of treason ( todays Executive branch); or those who violate our local laws. The issue of non citizens is just as serious as any but local protection is a must (New York Police) and a perfect example where “WE THE PEOPLE” must take control for the safety of our selves and families.

When this reset project comes to your door, guess what? They will be required to go before the Common Law Grand Jury before being able to take any of your property from you. This includes Eminent Domain actions. *Our Federal Government is now trying to fulfill the United Nations request to take control of 51% of all production land by the year 2030. Are you aware of this problem? *Even your homestead title will not be protected, except by the Common Law Grand Jury, Even your 3 times removed grandfathers title of ownership of property, which he purchased from the railroad, will not otherwise be protected.



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