How will you fight off Big Government ?

First read what MI is doing :

THE SOLUTION, By Rick Willey

Ok, Here is the deal. Without a Constable and a JP you are not going to be able to effectively fight back. You will need the COMMON LAW GRAND JURY, owned by “WE THE PEOPLE” the 4th branch of GVT. We own the Grand Jury, as written by Antonin Scalia in the US vs Williams Supreme Court ruling of 1992, in a 6 to 3 ruling.

This MI township has the cart in front of the horse. Without the legal structure set up in the BILL OF RIGHTS, the part of the CONSTITUTION that allows the MILITIA, (well organized and managed as it is called by the Fed. GVT.) by any action they take, will be called an ARMED COUP, and then they will say that all this Township Plan is a Coup.

Just look at what they did in Holton Township MI. The Govt just bypassed
them. This is what happens when you have a total lack of structure and the
proper Law Library support documents that support ” WE THE PEOPLE ” as the 4th branch of GVT.
The proper support is found in the 1803 treaty. Its an
international treaty we know as the
Louisiana Purchase, but it has much more
detail than just the three
payments to France. It includes the full rights for
people living in the area that is covered by this treaty. That is all of the
land west of the Mississippi
River. The Catholic Crown of France allowed the
to be the representative of the area known as “The Florida’s” which the country of Spain had given over to the Vatican ahead of the 1803 treaty.

THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL TREATY, and as of 2022 there is no recorded Summit to make any changes. That means that the original Constitution is still intact. If the US GVT made changes under the rules of such a treaty, it has no right to do this outside of that three party agreement. So the rights of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, THE BILL OF RIGHTS, AND THE CONSTITUTION, as it all was in 1803, are still the law.

I blame the NEO CONS who ignore all the progress made in exposing the enemy, who want to return to tactics of the past. That is, trying to fix the System in Traditional ways. Action must start at the local level. No one except a fool is thinking they can repair a mess like we have today with a basically TOP DOWN approach working with the time frame we have left, to count on the Elections. This will fall short.

The Left is so far ahead that it is laughable. They are not just the Left. As the
saying goes “
LEFT WING, RIGHT WING, BOTH WINGS OF SAME BIRD” You would understand this if you saw how many Republicans promote the Agenda 21 Plans in one form or another. They invented the PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS that have become Monsters.! The game they have you playing is only winnable if you wake up and decide our Freedoms and our Faith are worth saving.

We have allowed the over educated left wing clowns to destroy our schools and deal out an indoctrination level of mental abuse that has gone beyond all
Still, some are not willing take control at the local level and
clean it up.
Its time put some faith in yourself and not Political Players who make endless speeches with no real solutions. These non leaders appear to want their own power much more than Freedom, God and Country and You. The Rubicon will be crossed by this next election, unless you decide to take control at the local level. The action taken by this Town in MI falls short of being a complete Plan, set up with the complete Constitution. This shows that they need a good, trained General who understands a good winnable Plan and it starts by the study of your enemy’s ways, Patton was a prime example of that.

Other things that we should demand now, and some are,is to make Voting at the local level only, on paper, with proof of citizenship. Mail in must be received 30 days before election day. Townships can do this, its their call.  Rules for elected law enforcement at the local level must be Constitutional.
Declared emergency rules are NOT Constitutional

WIN THIS BATTLE. Learn how at :

Read about the Common Law, Townships Plans, Common law Grand Jury etc. You can copy anything from this site at no charge. We have a lot info in the Site, but if you do not educate yourself the GVT will do it for you. We all know a fair election is a joke and BS pipe dream.


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