Latest Threat To Farmers


In all of my years of fighting the lies and insane policies of the radical Left, 
this is without doubt their DUMBEST plan ever – but it is also the MOST 
DANGEROUS that we have ever faced.

Thousands and thousands of acres of privately-owned, food-producing Midwest Corn 
Belt farmland are targeted for a new 1300-mile long pipeline. But NOT a pipeline 
to bring us desperately needed fuel.

No – the purpose of this pipeline is to capture carbon dioxide and TRANSPORT IT 

I’m not kidding.

The scheme is to capture CO2 carbon dioxide and send it into tanks underground 
where it will be stored – all in an attempt to stop global warming!

Just as I’ve been warning for over thirty years, all of this is part of the plot 
as called for in Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, The Green New Deal and now the Great 
Reset. In their words, “A blueprint for the reorganization of human society.”

Now, America’s farmers are on the front lines of the ground war to enforce that 
reorganization. And this is just the beginning to get it all started.

The pipeline won’t be placed on the edges of the farm property- but will drive 
right through the middle, rendering all of the land useless.

As their land is confiscated, Farmers won’t be allowed to grow food. No crops 
will be grown. The first step in creating the pipeline will be to rip up the 

This land is the heart of our food industry. If you think shelves in your 
grocery are bare now, wait until all of this farmland is confiscated.

Two main forces are pushing these Carbon Dioxide Pipelines. They are private 
companies named Summit Carbon Solutions and Navigator CO2 Ventures.

These private companies have already sent out letters to farmers across Iowa, 
South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota, informing them that their 
land is targeted for the pipeline. The letter is a threat – telling farmers they 
can either “voluntarily” surrender their land now – or it will be taken by 
Eminent Domain later.

Some county officials have already surrendered to this tyranny, saying, “There’s 
not much we can do. It looks like it’s just going to happen.” They are wrong!


No land has yet been taken. Angry farmers and other landowners are showing up in 
public meetings in large numbers, and many city council and county commission 
members are opposed to the plan.

I am going to travel to Iowa –which is the main target right now – and spend 
several days to help train activists to take effective action.

We need to organize the farmers and other affected industries to stand up to 
this disaster. And we need to spread the action to the other affected states.

Will you help me lead this battle? No other national organization is yet working 
on this effort. While I am reaching out to others to help, APC is leading this 
effort now. I can only do that with your support.
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For Our Freedom!

Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center


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