Medical Freedom and Preparedness, PLUS EVENT

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Good morning, Patriots! The Medical Freedom and Preparedness focus group would like to share two documents with you as Sherry discussed at our meeting last night. Below is a summary of each document and the two attachments. Please respond to this email with any questions and we’ll try to get you the answers. What if CPS or the FBI come knocking at your door? Please see this document link regarding Child Protection Services:


. While it is primarily for homeschool parents, it will likely become valuable info for any parent not using the government school system. The organization is Heritage Defense

.Hopefully, you have not had the FBI knock on your door. However, it has happened to members of the Chisago Co CAT. We are compiling some suggestions as to what to do/say or not to do/say if that should happen. This will include having critical phone numbers readily at hand including legal help, your county sheriff, and others. Glenn Beck recently released an eye-opening documentary about people who had it happen to them …

Mask Off Minnesota Event Dec 11

David Farr of Mask Off Minnesota (MOMN) is a friend and member of the Hennepin 
County CAT. That organization has done and are doing excellent work exposing the 
ridiculous mask mandates that we've dealt with in our state. Don't think we're 
done with them yet. Just a few days ago, all Air Force and Army bases in the 
country now have mask mandates back in place.

MOMN is holding their final event of the year on Sunday the 11th from 4 - 6 pm. 
You'll notice there's some food available at 3-tacos. This will be a panel 
discussion with an interesting line-up of guests addressing the current and 
future state of medical freedom in MN.

Have a blessed day!


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