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Cast Vote Record Cover Up in Minnesota: Part 2
  Legal action to prevent destruction of records—No cast vote records in usable format have been received from any county in Minnesota for either 2020 or 2022

Erik van Mechelen     Aug 30

With smoking guns on machine election fraud like this one


(Jeffrey Lenberg, soon to be household name in America – start video at 11
minute mark) revealed almost daily, keeping up with election news isn’t easy./
/A good start for friends unfamiliar with the last 22 months of work are the
documentaries 2000 Mules

(ballot stuffing at scale via paid mules) or Selection Code
(proof of digital manipulation in Dominion Election
Management System in Mesa County, Colorado).
In the future elections will likely be one day in small precincts where all
votes will be hand tallied, completely eliminating 2000-Mules-type ballot
stuffing and Selection-Code-type database manipulation./
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