See below what Child Protection bills they tried to kill in Idaho. Then 
remember the Repub Gov of NV who nearly killed the Bill to protect girls sports 
from transgender athletes. Fortunately he was overriden by the Legislature. Then recently, RINOs in 3 Southern States tried to push through REGIOINALISM but Conservative Republicans over rode this. (See our article from May 5 on APC win over Regionalists)

  This is serious stuff folks. When mainstream Repubs in MN will not even 
discuss the perpetrators of evil in our schools though we have MOUNTAINS of 
proofs, even from their own websites. You have to ask your self, WHAT ON EARTH 
ARE WE DEALING WITH HERE?? Do they even recognize evil ?  Do they condone 
it ??   Just elect Repubs, they say, after the bills they blocked on 
Sex Ed gave 0 protection in the schools. Maybe slowed it down a hair.

      How dare these folks make public claims about their Christianity every 

      At this point, even if they scramble to reinvent themselves before the 
election, its too little, too late. Where were you when we needed you ?????

Please see Idaho article below:

Just posted on the MassResistance website:
[Idaho legislature cuts state library funding over obscene books for children. MassResistance worked closely with key legislators.](
Move came after RINOS in State Senate killed a popular bill to repeal obscenity exemption granted to libraries and schools. LGBT lobby pushed hard to keep allowing these horrors affecting children. [More](

The bill passed the House over­whel­mingly. But then the RINOS in the Senate blocked it. So pro-family legislators fought back!

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