NGOs -Elephant in the room (Your Schools and Communities)

Why are MN Conservatives and some from other states, ducking the NGO issue ? We have known for DECADES what their Goals and Ideology are. To reduce Humanity to a Godless, Mindless,, Meaningless existence. We know this from our most trusted Conservative Groups. (NOT traditional Republicans). Nationally we have John Birch Society, Tom Deweese, Range Magazine and locally MN Child Protection League. But suddenly, no one wants to discuss this in any meaningful way. That is, EXPOSING these NGOs in our Communities. Even worse is the refusal to discuss how to fight them and it is EASY.

But our love of debt and Credit appears to be the culprit. You would not believe the number of Conservatives who believe that this fraudulent, debt filled lifestyle that we have, needs to be, or even can be, continued. This is no secret or recent knowledge. We have known since 1974 that our society has gone far beyond our ability to pay for itself. I am not talking about the Feds or even the States. I am talking about the American Public. To be explained below.

On the Fed side, since the 70s, nearly every year, until the Obama Administration, our Leaders have had to go, hat in hand, to other countries to sell off our Future American Bonds, to continue to operate. By the time Obama arrived, it was obvious that America would NEVER be able to produce the amount of Revenue needed to pay future Bonds to those who held them. NO COUNTRIES showed up to purchase our Bonds, So Obama went to the printing presses. Had Trump continued with his nearly 4% Quarterly Growth, the CONSERVATIVE experts figured he could have outrun the debt and started over. (May no longer be possible with Biden debt)

But what about the PRIVATE SECTOR ?? Had Trump been successful, would the American Public have learned their lesson ? I think not. Since the mid 70s, we have rarely been able to pay more than 45% yearly on our Credit Card debt. How do you think we lost our Schools and Communities ?? Our mothers had to go back to work and fathers often took side jobs to pay for the new debt THAT THEY THEMSELVES INCURRED. No one had time to mind the Communities ! (REMEMBER THE PTAs?) It is often the citizens themselves who think they need all the fancy public projects.

When I was in the Navy, many men came home from oversees to a house full of brand new furniture. This is not the fault of just the Women. Now, round 80% of Christian Families have the wife taking care of the books because of the Mens’ appetite for TOYS.

So who is minding the School Boards, City Councils and County Boards ?? NGOs, THATS WHO. And many Conservatives are telling me that they will not go after these NGOs. They believe that Elections can save them. WERE YOU NOT WATCHING RECENTLY WHEN THE ELK RIVER SCHOOL BOARD CENSURED AND THREATENED TO REMOVE CONSERVATIVE SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS WHO DARED QUESTION CURRICULA AND PROGRAMS ? The Supt (Sourcewell Trained) now runs the show, as was stated by MN Representative Walter Hudson. He said this is true STATEWIDE which many of us already knew. The WORST part is that many Conservatives (Neo Cons), believe that the NGO money is necessary to continue many services in Schools and Communities. In the case of Schools, have you seen the most recent CPL Expose on Student Progress ? THE HOSTILE TAKEOVER OF EDUCATION:

The Hostile Takeover of Minnesota Education – CPL Action

They quoted a recent National Study :

In the case of Communities, what about all the failing projects brought to us by NGOs? In MN, this includes Community or Convention Centers, Trails, Transportation Systems incl Light Rail. Who thinks that more NGO money will save them ? These projects ARE DESIGNED FOR FAILURE so that you become reliant on More Govt Money for things you do not need and never existed in America to any extent before the 70s. I will likely make many more enemies because of these statements but we will not see meaningful change until we change our own ways FIRST.

YOU CAN FIX MOST OF OUR CURRENT ISSUES BY REFUSING ANY MORE GRANTS OR PROJECTS DESIGNED BY NGOS. Yes it will hurt A LOT at first but nothing compared to our rapid descent into Hell which we now face. At least you will have God on your side if you do the Right Thing. Do you have the guts to STOP it at the TOWNSHIP LEVEL ? Learn how by using CONSTITUTIONAL COMMON LAW:


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