Recent MN GOP and Somali dinner

By Ron Branstner
Many are unaware of the WE WANT TO UNITE dinner recently. GOP/Somali dinner.
Many MN Somali leaders throw their support toward the Republican party this
election year,  Maybe?  or could have been, the Somalians want the Republicans
to support the Somali culture.  Somalians according to their beliefs cannot
abide by man made laws.   Hence, the Constitution is man made. . So why would
the Republicans extend out an olive branch?
It was quite clear from the beginning of this event that no unity was in play.
   Republican reached out with an olive branch, only to here  the words,
alliance NOT allegiance.  This was stated during the introduction. Yet, the
Republicans gleamed for their support as they choked down some Sambuusa.
The speaker stated twice o stand for the "PLEDGE OF AN ALLIANCE" NOT ALLIANCE..
What alliance was she referring too?  I reached out to Barb Sutter and no response.
That was an eye catching moment.  The third speaker was John Amery. John is a
devout converted Muslim who gives presentations on ISLAM and
their contributions to Minnesota.  If one word describes John.  It would
be Taqiyya, the permission to lie to the infidel to advance Islam. John belongs
with (IRG) Islam resource Group.  IRG has accomplished a permanent display at
the State Capital for ISLAM, (Room 316) only to share the honors with Native
American Indians.  So much for the accomplishment of the Europeans.The picture
below and the video tells the story.


I sent this note to Barb Sutter, maybe you can clear this issue up of the

statement made at the GOP/Somali dinner.  "Pledge of an Alliance"

  Barb Sutter,
I am reaching out today for clarification on the event you attended at the GOP 
Somali dinner.  The lady who introduced you in the beginning stated, twice, 
"pledge of an Alliance".
   Then then you recited the "Pledge of Allegiance".   I believe this was not a 
misquote.  I would like to know what Alliance she was referring too.?
As a person who understands and studies ISLAM, Muslims are forbidden of taking
an oath to man made laws.  (Constitution) Nor are they to pledge their
alliance to anything other the Allah.  So, what Alliance did the Republican
party make with the MN Somali population?   Minnesota Somali Republican Dinner

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