Foundations Destroying American Public Education: The Hydra, RACE TO THE BOTTOM. This is article is key to the mess we are seeing throughout the nation 
(The narrative below this article link is specific to MN).

The whole regional government system in Minnesota
is funded by these "philanthropic" foundations, combined with state money,
to move these radical programs and policies into our schools, our cities,
and our counties. They hand out nice grants for nice programs and thereby
gain the support of local governing bodies and the public. Meanwhile they
are feeding the groups that are "re-inventing" our civic government and our
schools. Sourcewell is just one avenue in that hydra. It's a big player in
Minnesota, but there are other numerous big players. And it isn't just
regional government they fund.

These rogue foundations are perhaps the most radical, powerful, and least 
understood force in American politics. And their aspirations go far beyond the 
outcome of an election. See Link :

_Foundations that fund Regional Government Groups_ 

For the explanation for the Globalist, UN backed groups in MN and how they were formed, how they control your schools  (CRT etc) plus all the Planning in your communities, see link :

_Equity embedded into Minnesota-1_ 

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