(This is small town America, pop about 4,000 !!!)

Please circulate the information in the thread below to your friends or group.
We are requesting people protest a Pine City Pride Festival featuring a
satanic pornographer drag queen as a performer.

Thank you.

​Kathleen N
God gave you a fingerprint that no one else has,
so you can leave an imprint that no one else can.

Here is more information on the Pine City Pride Festival.along with contact information to protest this event.

Guess who’s going to be hosting Pine City Pride Festival on June 4th?
The disgraced Martina Marraccino/Adam Divine who was fired from Bloomington Pride for being a Satanist Amateur Pornographer who films in*est themed movies with his “little bro” and posts them on the internet!
Despite being aware of his double life and grooming/predator behavior, event organizer Julie Redpath not only hired him last September, but gladly welcomed him back this year. She seems to think it’s acceptable to endanger and groom the children in Pine City and the surrounding areas.
Here are some news articles regarding Martina/Adam at the 2021 Bloomington Pride Event:…/…/…/…/protesters-gather-at…/
And just like in Bloomington- this is all at the taxpayers expense!
Feel free to contact the Pine City Mayor and Council to let them know how dangerous it is to knowingly allow child predators to perform for children at a city sponsored event!
Main phone:
Carl Pederson
Mary Kay Sloan
Kyle Palmer
Gina Pettie
Steve Ovick
Scott Hildebrand, City AdministratorEmail:ad***********@pi*********.com

​Kathleen N.
Chairwoman MN Chapter of Mass Resistance
God gave you a fingerprint that no one else has,
so you can leave an imprint that no one else can.

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