SAVE THE BABIES, Billboard Fundraiser

My Beautiful Wife, Me and My Children watched as the* *Democrat MN
House & Senate Leaders Voted against Babies. *
*And Minnesota became the Abortion destination of the USA.*
*I am so grieved that there was no mercy for any Baby & no
protection even after the moment of Birth, a “Born Alive Baby” will be
either killed, or placed in a room to starve. No mercy in Minnesota for
them. To Honor my God, My Faith, My Family & My Parents: Victor & Joan Kern
who raised 14 of us– 8 Beautiful Sisters & 5 Brothers. I will pursue
Justice & Equality for these Baby’s Rights to : Life, Liberty & the Pursuit
of Happiness promised in America….Join Me in this endeavor by donating
for Billboards.*
* Go to: **

to donate, big project, big God!!!*
*Thank you for your time,*
*Doug Kern*

*218-820-2021 Cell
* Matthew 19:26*
* God gave you a fingerprint that no one else has,*
* so you can leave an imprint that no one else can.*

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