(We are now governed by a merger between government, corporations, and 
non-governmental organizations, NGOs)

Being BlackRocked = Being Cancelled by a Global Public Private Partnership-   

While most of us thought that we had a government of the people, by the people, 
for the people, we do not and have not had one for many decades.

   The transformation has been in the works for over 100 years, but the final 
weapon to take us to a one-world government was the two-part President’s Council 
on Sustainable Development/National Partnership for Reinventing Government. The 
first part embedded Agenda 21 into even the most minor areas of government — 
from federal to Podunkville. The second, while we heard even less about it, is 
the dangerous “focus on leading a fundamental culture change in the government”, 
that transfers(ed) power from Congress to the bureaucracy; from representatives 
of the people to unelected bodies (and thus we have no ability to oust them) who 
“ultimately control international finance, all corporate & business activity, 
government policy, and international relations.” And thus, they “have 
constructed a system that will enable them to seize the “global commons (ed:
control of the entire world). ”

This transfer of power “destroyed the check and balances in the Constitution at 
the local level, and therefore destroy(ed) representative government. This power 
shift is a philosophical shift to a completely new form of government. It is a 
merger between government, corporations, and non-governmental organizations. 
This established Public/Private Partnerships (PPP) to become the new nucleus of 
the government. The Preamble to the Earth Summit/Agenda 21, stated flat-out that 
Public Private Partnerships were the future. And the Earth Summit/Agenda 21, p. 
15 tells us that “Government, business and industry, including transnational 
corporations, strengthen partnerships to implement the principles and criteria 
for sustainable development.”... Continue Reading at: 


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