Video from recent CPL talk  plus local updates

Little Falls, Apr 15, 2023

1) Michele Lentz of CPL spoke on the SEL (United Nations/Walz/Sourcewell) program in the schools followed by local Patriot mom, Cassie.  Michelle left us no doubt that this program is very bad for our kids. It IS being used here and likely in YOUR school also ! Cassie left us no doubt that the school will harass or try to intimidate, any parent who speaks out.


2) We do not yet have the video from Ricks talk which came after the break. He spoke for probably an hour on COMMON LAW. His info was well received and many people took his printed material. We are beginning to get offers from around the state to have him speak more on this. Please speak to YOUR Township or one that a friend or relative resides in because that is the level of Gov that it was meant for.

3) Since the Event, Cassie is getting hammered by the school district. Her daughter was locked in a room for an hour. There will be more coming out on that soon.
The local newspaper, The Morrison County Wrecker (ooops Record), did a multi page article focusing on Cassie and others, tho unnamed, who have spoken out about school issues. The article mostly consisted of poor, injured teachers and Union leaders who went on and on about parents who speak out, as being anti education. They never once addressed any questions that have been asked like, Why do you use programs like SEL which come from the United Nations and whose material is obviously designed to undermine our own Christian values.

Some web links to watch :

CPL Action – Safety of Children



AND – Constitutional Common Law at :

SAVE YOUR CITIES – Tools to Take back your Community

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