Simple, its HUMANISM. What ? Another ism ??  It actually predates Communism, though includes it, clear back to CREATION. The first documents I am aware of using that term was in the 1930s HUMANIST MANIFESTO. It was later revised in the 70s to accommodate some of the Madness from the failed 60s behavior.
       The important thing to remember is the Humanism is the 180 degree opposite of Christianity. It is fully atheist but it will gladly accommodate any religion which decides that TRUTH or CHOICE of HUMAN BEHAVIOR is RELATIVE to your own whims and the times you live in.
 Many of us who grew up during the 50s and 60s, found out in a hurry how fast our world and relationships unraveled when we followed our FEELINGS.  Unless you had a rich mommy and daddy to bail you out which I, fortunately, did not !!   I had to join the Navy to survive.  THAT can sober you up in a hurry !
 Notice how they have to create Government programs and special protections for those behaviors that the Bible warns us against, just for those people to survive? AND special surgeries and lifelong medications.
      Can you see why they have removed History ? Not just to discredit your heroes but so you won’t recognize the failure of human policy throughout history until we were given another chance by Jesus Christ. Even atheists admit that some huge miraculous change came about in the 1st Century which changed the world forever. The Humanists often give credit to the Roman Empire. Yep, one of the most barbaric civilizations in history until Christianity caught up with them. And later, the Scots and eventually the Vikings.  
     Back to Humanism. Read for yourselves the HUMANIST MANIFESTO, then the 17 Sustainable Goals of the UN.  Then, some of the writings of Justice Ruth Ginzburg.  Have children choose their own curricula at any age PLUS their sex partners, just to name a couple of the warped goals of these people.  NOTE – AT THIS TIME, COMMUNIST AND MUSLIM COUNTRIES ARE NOT FOLLOWING MUCH OF THAT. They must have a few grains of Survival Instinct left in them that we seem to have lost.
     So why should we be concerned that ALL the school programs brought to you by Sourcewell are UN based ?  Is America or even YOUR state not capable of coming up with good school programs. What has the UN ever produced that worked.?  How about Green Energy, led by Germany, which 5 years ago had to remove all their Windmills and Solar Panels yet they still tell you the whole world should go Green.  Why would we EVER want to listen to the UN ?????
 Comprehensive Sex Ed is UN based and that is BEYOND pornographic and actually PREYS on children.  
 So my advice is  “ TURN AWAY FROM SOURCEWELL AND THEIR CLOSE PARTNERS (Regional Planners and League of Cities) NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY OFFER YOU NOR HOW MANY TRADITIONAL REPUBLICANS LIKE THEM.   EMBARRASS any elected official who wants to do business with them. Demand that any candidate you support will PUBLICLY denounce that corrupt system of Non Governmental Organizations,(NGOs).
     Whatever state you live in, you have the same monsters. League of Cities by name, various REGIONAL PLANNERS, EQUITY ALLIANCES. SOURCEWELL  by name.  Sourcewell will be recognized as Service and Material Suppliers in WOKE companies while creeping into your educational system.
         Greg Smith

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