A young Catholic parent speaks out

At first, like most of us, he was very uncomfortable about speaking out against
authority especially when many in his Community were reluctant to. But he did
his homework, learned more about the Groups who sponsor the poison statewide and
decided he could no longer remain silent. He gave this talk at his Church
recently and he gave me permission to send it around. Let this be an inspiration
to us all. Now, its YOUR turn !!! Please read his words below :


Many of you know why we are up here today but for those of you who don’t;
recently my daughter came home with a permission slip from school a few months ago regarding some books to be used in her English class. After reading the reviews of these books on Amazon we
discovered the subject matter of these books contained, vulgar language, LGBTQ agenda, anti-Americanism themes, anti-white themes and thoughts about suicide. Some people would say this is something that needs to be talked about in school due to differing opinions, values and they’re going to be exposed to it anyway later in life, I would strongly disagree. These are not in line with our Catholic faith and are spoken of at length in the Bible. I feel there is an agenda here which is to normalize this behavior and corrupt our innocent children to steer them away from what we believe as Christians. Our society and faith are under attack as one doesn’t have to look hard to see the affect this agenda has on our society which is currently rotting from the inside out. We have corporations sponsoring gay pride, cities, states, military, Non-Government
Organizations, even Disney has gone full blown pride and making movies for kids
promoting these destructive behaviors. As for our schools we are seeing this more and more and
we are learning the effects of this behavior on our impressionable kids. This started on TV then it
was pushed to the colleges then it came to the high schools then it went to the middle schools and believe me, they want to bring this all the way down to kindergarten and younger. If we don’t take a stand on this now it will continue to creep into our schools and communities and at some point, it will be impossible to stop.
With that said there are many parents, grandparents and community members starting to stand up to this agenda by attending school board meetings, writing their elected officials, writing opinion columns in the paper and social media, voicing their concerns, which is having a huge
impact on this. I have watched several school board meetings where parents speak out about this and voice their objections to these ideologies and on many instances things do change. But they need numbers and support. Too many times I see the women, the wives, standing up to these institutions, being involved, fighting for their children and families. I often wonder where the men are, the husbands? Is this not just as important to them? We are calling on the men along with the women to start taking a more active role in this intellectual fight. This is the work of Satan, he is on the move, and he is moving swiftly; that is why we must be more vigilant than ever and take a stand before it is too late.
Therefore, a friend and I have decided to help parents get the confidence and
education needed to fight these intellectual battles. The Child Protection League has offered to come in and speak to the community to try and explain where this agenda is coming from, why they are pushing this, and what can be done about it. They are a great non-profit organization run by like
minded Christians like you and me.
I am asking for as many people as possible to attend this important event as we
have to start standing up to these ideologies or we will lose more of our precious children to this
sick and evil world.
Lastly – We need to draw our strength from the Lord and from his mighty power.
Put on the armor of God so that we can stand firm against the tactics of the devil. We will be handing out fliers after church today and can answer any questions you may have.
Thank you!

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