The info and links came from friends and Patriots in WI who were there in person.


On the afternoon of March 16^th an all star cast of election integrity experts, 
investigators, and constitutional attorneys appeared for a WI press conference. 
They showed the various forms of 2020 election fraud in Wisconsin. Jefferson E. 
Davis led the group with apowerful and passionate 
<https://youtu.be/EBX3sI7m07Q?t=348> presentation. At one point he chokes up in 
disgust, almost in tears, disclosing his own dead family members were put on WI 
voter rolls. Awhile laterJefferson drops this bomb 

*“We have the ballot drop box video footage. We have the cell phone ping 
data.True The Vote <https://www.truethevote.org/> has merged the two together. 
They will share their Wisconsin information on Thursday March 24th.”*

*NOTE - *

To see a small sampling of evidence, have you checked out this website? Punch in your WI county:     https://statbandit.com/vban/  
Bearing in mind that voter turnout in 2016 was in the 67% range, it's very shocking that you can type in ANY county in this interactive map for Nov 2020, and find the voter turnout astronomically skyrocketed. For example, my county - across the various polling locations - has no less than a 93% voter turnout. Some polling locations have a 97%, and I found that in other counties as well. Most poll locations are 95% voter turnout, like the village of my town. Isn't that remarkable? 4,883 ballots and a 67% turnout would have been 3,272 who voted, but not in Nov 2020. 4,867 voted. Only 16 people didn't fill out a ballot??? This is a mathematical impossibility that was committed and accomplished via the pathway of the electronic voting machines, discovered by Dr. Frank, God bless him. Anyone who tells you that this turnout is normal is either clueless or lying to you (or working for fact-checkers).


*See whole story on GATEWAY PUNDIT*




This was a really great interview on Thursday between Dr. Doug Frank, Mike Lindell, Jefferson Davis, and Brannon about that day in the Capitol.Article about it: https://www.worldviewweekend.com/news/article/bombshell-report-convinced-state-assembly-speaker-widespread-fraud-2020-presidential1  hr. VIDEO:

 when they discuss in the video how more info will be coming out about the RINO's ties in the National Conference of State Legislatures?  Vos is the President-Elect of the National Conference of State Legislatures!

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