(Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive plan) This isn’t the first time. Couple years back these same groups publicly opposed PACK AND STACK. This is the plan to end single family dwellings and get everyone to live in high rise, controllable dwellings. The enviros opposed it on safety as well as concentration of waste and pollution. See comments and article below : Environmental Groups have gotten Courts to block this for now. From the Star Tribune: >> “The general consensus from the people I talked to is, this is something the city will prevail on,” said Bruce Brenner, a developer of triplexes in Minneapolis. “Otherwise, literally any comprehensive plan is up for cancellation, so I don’t think that’s the direction they’ll take.” [Minneapolis officials scramble to respond to ruling blocking 2040 Plan – StarTribune.com]( https://www.startribune.com/minneapolis-officials-scramble-to-respond-to-ruling-blocking-2040-plan/600183117/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=evening_update&refresh=true One interesting item in this article is that it was environmental groups that filed the lawsuit against the comprehensive plan. (Coalitions cracking!) ———————- MORE INFO ON THE HISTORY OF THIS : ONE problem with the Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan, besides being a UN driven Plan which reduces people to cattle, is that it is closely associated with the Minn Housing Plan. The entire Plan is at this link: <https://www.mnhousing.gov/get/MHFA_006987> but I will give you some shortcuts. GREEN COMMUNITIES CRITERIA. We first discovered this about 5 years back on the website of our local Regional Planner, Region 5. As soon as we exposed it, the website dropped it. For good reason. They don’t want you to know what the UN, Walz and all these Regional Monsters, have planned for you. Just 2 of their goals should make you angry.

Green Comm. Criteria

1) No house in the state on MN can be built farther away the 1/4 mile from a Bus Stop

2) EVERY member of the Public, every worker, every business owner, every Church member, must be RETRAINED in the GREEN WAYS.

They now publicly admit that it is actually about EQUITY. They figure if 
everyone lives at the most basic human existence equally, then the GREEN will take care of itself. But they hide behind GREEN most of the time. Apparently, many well meaning GREENIES have figured some of this out and they don't like it. Even some well known Lefties in the country have spoken against losing all their Rights and Freedoms. There is even an active group called DEMOCRATS AGAINST AGENDA 21.

   Warning, if you ask either Political Party, they will call it Conspiracy Theory but it is written right there in Black and White for you. A few Republicans will now give Lip Service to being concerned due to the Elections.

   Follow this and similar articles and learn how to take back your Communities at :


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