School Surveys indoctrinate Teachers

How middle schools use aggressive surveys to indoctrinate teachers and coerce them to push the LGBT agenda on students
     Shrewdly used as a psychological weapon and enforcement tool.
Public unaware such surveys are imposed on staff

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            June 17, 2022

/This is the first report in our series on insider material forwarded to us by teachers, parents, and local activists from across the country. You will learn what’s going on behind the scenes in your schools./
    Many of us have seen the outrageous sex surveys that middle and high school students are given that include questions making deviant behavior appear normal to kids. But few parents are aware that the same technique is being used on the/teachers/in a powerful and psychologically devious manner.

In order to effectively push its agenda on children, the LGBT movement must force teachers to take many actions that may go against their nature. The first step is getting them to accept unscientific nonsense (especially regarding “gender”). Then, the teachers must be convinced to impose these beliefs on children.
    View the surveys plus the rest of this article at :

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