$800k LOSS by MN Assoc of Townships



Please forward this to your local townships that you are aware of being of a restoration nature as I do not have their email addresses.
I just composed and sent this out to those listed below, my township, a senator, a representative and the MAT board.
Also, forward this to your local senator and representatives.

Dean Mahlstedt - Supervisor
Cokato Township
District 1 Director - Wright County
320-894-8550 mobile

14987 - 30th St SW
Cokato MN  55321

Dear MN Association of Townships Directors,

This response to the recent letter from MATIT about an $800k loss is submitted with all due respect.
As always feel free to share this with anyone as I will stand for actual correction on any items that are not true.
For some items, I do not know the facts, but these things must be put out in the open as the MAT board refuses to answer to these things in the past year.
I will not stand for lies, deceptions, and more rosy stories from MAT that have been the norm in 2022 to pacify the members and shut them up.
If I have to own my mistakes, so do all of you.

  1.  It has been some time since my last communication to all of you.  So much chaos has occurred and is growing at MAT.
  2.  In 2022 some raises totaling over $100k were handed out to 4ish people on MAT staff...
  3.  The MATIT transition to Origami and the MATIT website are failures.
  4.  MATIT has zero staff and shares 100% of its board with MAT, leaving ZERO outside voice at MATIT
  5.  Mike Miller was forcibly made to resign under a policy that Burdorff was also under when he later sexually harassed another director, then suddenly found favor from some directors to vote that policy out of existence to protect Burdorff.
  6.  District 7 finally has a new director after the 6-month delay by the MAT board of directors.   God help her as she enters this mess.
  7.  The District 7 election was very telling about the bullies on the board and their hiring of a Wright County Deputy to be onsite...  for what purpose ??

  *   This is the stuff that happens in Chicago - I know I lived their for 4 years.

  1.  Then at the January 31st, 2023 election where Gary Burdorff sat up front next to the so-called moderator, directing that moderator at every step by pointing to the next item on a preprinted piece of paper to ensure the proper outcome.
  2.  Why did Burdorff and Krueger bring both MAT attorneys to that January 31st District 7 election??

  *   to conduct any legal damage control and provide for a wanted outcome ??

- the subtle threats of 4 & 5 were seen by the majority of public officials in attendance.

  *   Oh!  I almost forgot the typo of leaving Wright County out of the initial legal notice and then the false nature of the District 7 election on January 31st as Wright County was NOT properly notified.
  *   But like the previous District 7 election where Burdorf and Fenske counted the votes between Miller and myself and refused to show us the ballots, why are we surprised?

  1.  The District 7 election should have taken place in August, but especially before the January 2023 reorganization of the MAT board.
  2.  More typos and missed communications have piled up from MAT in 2022 and now 2023 toward the townships followed by more apologies for the mistakes
  3.  Some townships from NW MN have been forcibly removed from membership in MAT
  4.  A few bullies on the MAT board and staff continue to defame other elected officials as they write and speak about MAT, I can only imagine that MAT attorneys have advised that a public official must stand for such treatment from them.
  5.  The bullies at MAT continue to press ahead on a lawsuit against a former Director and are perhaps dreaming up more lawsuits against more members or fellow directors
  6.  The traditional February day at the capital has been reformatted and I have yet to hear a positive word about the new setup
  7.  MAT employs the MAYOR OF GOLDEN VALLEY to lobby for townships !!!    This alone is a vote of "NO CONFIDENCE" in the MAT board.  A ridiculous smoke-and-mirrors game to some unknown goal.
  8.  I imagine the office doors in St Michael are still locked and that the sound machine is still being used by the Executive Director for those top-secret board meetings
  9.  I hear in the wind that MAT might be getting involved in local November 2022 township elections to some degree, picking favorites for some reason that may help a friend or MAT in some way regain a lost office.  ??
  10. Just last year, in February 2022, I arrived to find locked doors and a sound machine to the February 2022 MAT meeting at St Michael because the 4 corners letter was sent out AFTER it occurred.
- All of you should have that letter that I sent to you before my arrival that morning when both Krueger and Burdorf peed themselves when they met me at the door, but grudgingly allowed me to come in that day.
-...and by March 2022 (1 month later) I was asked to leave the MAT meeting early and then told to not come back to a MAT meeting.
-but I guess that makes sense as MAT is a PRIVATE NGO, and not public, even though it is 99+% funded with taxpayer monies.

  1.  NONE of these things would have taken place just 3-5 years ago...

  *   All of the best people who used to be on staff at MAT are gone.
  *   Why did David Hann leave MAT?

  1.  And NOW...    MATIT and $800k was emailed away to some boogie man in the internet shadows based on a typo mistake of an email address!!!
16a. Since when does an email address become sufficient to release $800+k ??
Who is responsible?
16b.  Is Burdorf the head of MAT AND the head of MATIT or not??

  *   The letter, which is attached,  is signed by no one.    Or maybe by an email address
  *   Who is the leader??  It appears that MATIT and MAT has NONE.
  *   NO one responsible for this grand mistake signed that letter to all of us as would be customary for any organization's leader to do.
  *   Where is Burdorf?  Where is Krueger?  Where is Tidmore?
  *   MATIT has NO employees, thus MAT becomes responsible for ALL mistakes.
  *   The three named above and the MAT attorneys should be able to conduct an $800+k wire transfer with precision and accuracy.   800+k !!!!!

** OR was this the first time $800+k was ever wired by anyone at MAT?

  *   The letter offers no resolution and no real information for member townships to respond
  *   The letter simply increases the amount of distrust and CLEARLY shows that no one at MAT is going to act as the responsible party
  *   What discipline is set to take place?
  *   Just because MAT is private does NOT allow for MATIT business to become hidden in the MAT private shadows.
  *   Someone should be fired over this.
  *   Burdorf should resign from MAT or should be removed from the MAT board.
  *   Krueger is the Executive Director and received a substantial raise in 2022 while overseeing an $800+K loss  - Why does Kreuger still have a job at MAT?
  *   The attorneys at MAT have shown their incompetence to properly guide the organization and should be replaced.
  *   I would like to see the reports from legal authorities on the MATIT $800+k loss.
  *   I would like to see a list of which legal authorities were contacted about this loss.
  *   Perhaps the bullies at MAT prefer to kick me out of the organization rather than answer these questions and own up to and discipline leaders in the organization properly concerning this loss.   $800+k !!

  1.  The others on the MAT board who support(ed) the bullies, who continue this chaos, and continue to support those who perpetuate the degradation of MAT and MATIT should also RESIGN from your positions on the MAT board.

  *   It is shameful that so few have brought ruin to this organization in such a short time.
  *   Those who have supported the antics of a few bullies are disgraceful, not honorable.
  *   Truth always comes to the surface, even eventually.
  *   Justice always visits, even in a half-broken legal system.


The operation of the Minnesota Association of Townships has become a disgusting thing and tramples on so much good that has been done by so many in the past to support and uphold MN Townships.
I have been on a Minnesota Township board for over 20 years and have been a careful observer to say confidently that MAT is broken and now responsible for public monies being lost and is in need of reform.

With all due respect,
Dean Mahlstedt - Supervisor
Cokato Township
District 1 Director - Wright County
320-894-8550 mobile

14987 - 30th St SW
Cokato MN  55321




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