( A Sneak Peak into events in one of the most Conservative Counties in the 
State. Assume that YOU will face this too at some point )

Ron Branstner brought this issue to your attention at an event in OTC on April 
28. Find his comments below as well as the video (5:51min) link.
It confirms information you have previously heard/ read from Branstner and Tom 
DeWeese. Cathy


Residents in the Otter Tail County area,

Below you will find a link to a short but extremely informative video regarding 
HUD's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH).


On May 19, 50 residents of the Ottertail county area attended a public hearing 
in Fergus Falls to address a possible agreement between HUD and Ottertail County 
which would dissolve the HRA. Those 50 in attendance objected to the agreement, 
then sat quietly as the unelected HRA Board, which includes four of five current 
OTC Commissioners, thanked them for their research and involvement to understand 
this issue. On June 16, that OTC HRA Board proceeded to vote in favor of the 
agreement and rejected the people's concerns.

The video is educational as to what the unelected OTC County HRA Board agreed to. 
Please be advised, if the County receives these grants shared within the video, 
by way of HUD, the taxpayers can be subjugated and restricted to the agreement 
with strings attached within the grants. HUD is not an elected body and has no 
authority to force a community to accept the strict guidelines. It is a 
voluntary agreement. Yet, the strings within the HUD grants commit the county to 
abide or else. If the county does not comply to the stipulations written within 
the grants, the county could face legal challenges.
When legal challenges arise, who will be responsible? Not the unelected OTC HRA 
Board or the OTC Commissioners who sit on the board.
Otter Tail County constituents will have no one to go to with their concerns. 
Their local officials will have voluntarily given their power, by way of federal 
grants/ agencies and boards, to local unelected bureaucrats.

Please watch the short video below to see what the OTC County HRA Board signed 
with HUD's AFFH agreement, and how it could affect you as a resident and/or 
taxpayer, either by forced integration or negligence to comply.

Ron Branstner


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