As usual, with any good idea or concept, you need to have a starting point. Here in MN ,we are beginning to lay the groundwork for TWPs who want to protect their residents from Federal, State and even County (Walz NGOs) overrun.

   Some states have Counties which have declared themselves to be fully governed by the US Constitution. Though states were given a large space to run their own affairs, they were required to still follow the Declaration and Bill of Rights. In other words, to guarantee all their citizens things like Freedom Of Speech, Religion, Right To Bear Arms etc.

Without a lot more explanation, I will just skip to the HOW TOs.

1) We can create CONSTITUTIONAL TOWNSHIPS, modeled after what other states have done but to be modified according to an individual or a group of Townships needs or concerns. Click on this Link for a copy of Elko County, NV, Declaration. Copy it and use for your own Township with the advice and consent of the majority of its residents:

Constitutional County

2) Consider a Partnership with several like minded TWPs in your County. One of the reasons is to help defray the costs of a Constable and a JP (Justice of the Peace) which are essential to develop your COMMON LAW GRAND JURY.  See Links below :


3) In 1992, the US Supreme Court fully upheld our rights as citizens to create the Citizen Based GRAND JURY. The document below shows excerpts from Justice Scalia explanation of these Rights. (We are working on getting a full printout of ALL of Justice Scalia’s  ruling on this matter.)

Scalia Court 1992

4)  Our hope is that people will use these Rights to protect Schools, Property, Speech etc that are being run over roughshod here in MN.

5)  We know that our State Government and their cronies will oppose this but that will drive it into the Courts. Unlike most cases, this cannot be dragged out for years. This is because of the 1803, National/International  Treaty, THE LOUISISANA PURCHASE, See link below , particularly Pgs 3,4 and 5 :

Louisiana Purchase 1803

which ruled that American Citizens rights were indeed tied to the US Constitution and then more recently the Supreme Court ruling of 1992 described above in # 3. Because of these, any case challenging this must first go the Appellate Court and if challenged again it goes straight to the Supreme Court which is still very conservative at this time.

6) Read what we have posted so far at the Link below and feel free to contact us for more clarification. We will update as we learn :


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