Heard enough Speeches yet ??

How about videos ? Podcasts ? Letters to Elected Officials ? Rallys ? Events ? 

I think we really are educated enough now to know what we need to do next, politically speaking. It has been an important journey but now it time time to embrace WE THE PEOPLE. Remember the famous Reagan speech where he repeated that phrase over and over throughout ?

Back to basics.  An extension of the same system our Founders designed, which was based on Scripture. The Creators’ Plan for society based on LOCAL RULE at the most basic level. His Plan was and is, a series of local Judges to protect our societies from Tyrants. Jesus never intended His followers to Join the Evil system, it was to First be transformed themselves and then return to build a Better system for the human race to live under. We cannot fix the system that exists without rebuilding at the ROOT. WE THE PEOPLE, COMMON LAW RULE. At the TOWNSHIP and TOWN level.

This does NOT mean abandoning those who have worked so hard to get elected recently and have every intention of fixing it. THEY will be the Pillars of the New Republic going forward. But please consider less time with videos and Rallys and more time at your home base.

 You can save your children only by abandoning the existing system and starting over at home, with others, and begin to Rebuild from the ground up !!  And PLEASE, quit trying to compete with each other to be MOST IMPORTANT or FIRST. Trying to silence others who share your values.  That may work in sports but not in the TRENCHES where we are now. Ask any Combat Veteran.

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