Defeating The Great Reset

by John Anthony

Unless the legacy media is your main news source you know the Great Reset has 
already shattered many of the freedoms Americans took for granted.

Freedom of speech, property rights, the right to feel secure in your own home, 
and bodily autonomy have all been violated for the sake of the community.

The Great Reset is an anti-capitalism initiative that uses sustainable development to leverage worldwide political, social, and economic events as a means to transfer control of the world’s economy to a handful of elites.

Their stated goal is to rescue the planet and initiate a new stakeholder capitalism to advance global fairness and equality. They accomplish this through an 
environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) rating system. Through 
ESG companies are rated on social and environmental issues rather than strictly financial. Their rating effects their access to capital, larger contracts, and the ability to attract investors. Public companies are also expected to report ESG scores for their suppliers and customers. In addition, banks are beginning to apply ESG scores to personal credit, a move that is plummeting the credit scores for otherwise creditworthy customers.

The Great Reset’s sustainable development partnership with the UN expands beyond stakeholder capitalism. It enables both entities to use or even create events like the COVID-19 pandemic to advance local control of medical interventions and decisions.

The good news is the great reset is failing on many fronts…

  * A recent attempt by the Biden administration to use a series of amendments
   to the International Health Agreement to cede US and other nation’s autonomy to the WHO during pandemics failed

  * While the elimination of fossil fuels is part of the bedrock of the
    sustainable development movement, the EU announced they are reclassifying
    natural gas and nuclear energy as “green.”
  * The Biden administration, though sworn to end fossil fuel dependence, is
    now exporting natural gas to Europe.
  * Germany is rolling back its emissions targets.
  * While some companies go woke, US shareholders are backing away from green
  * The UK is close to eliminating their fracking ban.
  * The Netherlands are lifting coal restriction.

But the resetters will not surrender easily. In the US, thanks to embracing 
modern monetary theory (MMT), many feel we can print 
money to support costly programs like Build Back Better, eliminate fossil fuels, 
and invest in woke companies to encourage their adherence to ESG standards. 
MMT holds that any nation that can create and borrow its own money, technically 
can never default on its debt. Therefore, it can print whatever money is needed 
to support massive spending programs required by ESG. (Of course this is nuts 
because inflation will destroy the economy long before the presses run empty of 

But the Great Reset is faltering and that is why we must push now.

The strategy I outline has been successful throughout history, in our own 
founding, and will work now. It is simple but will require some sacrifice and 
moving in areas that are uncomfortable.

*Accept that our rights come from our Creator.*

Above all our nation was founded on the principle that God alone is responsible 
for our rights. If the name God makes you feel queasy then call it nature. But 
under no circumstances must we believe our rights come from any legislator, 
agency, or government. That includes children’s rights, parental rights, or even 
the right to choose to be vaccinated or not.

Our rights come from our Creator, and it is up to us to exercise those rights in 
ways that do not infringe on the those of others.

Even the Constitution’s Bill of Rights does not bestow rights. It merely 
codifies the rights our Declaration of Independence declared come from God.

When you surrender to the temptation of government-dispensed freedoms you are 
binding yourself in chains. Authoritarians like Schwab, Gates and our own 
growing crop of socialist politicians are afraid of a pious public obedient to 
God rather than them.

That fear is why tyrannical leaders remove religion from the public square and 
God from the classroom.

    In a 2001 interview, Barack Obama exposed his true agenda when he said our
    Constitution mostly “says what the states can’t do to you … what the federal
    government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the federal government
    or state government must do on your behalf.”

This was a clear attempt to replace the Constitution’s protection of our 
God-given rights with an authoritarian declaration of frangible human rights 
subject to the whim of the current elite.

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