Emergency Injunction against Steve Simon

I am 1 of 7 plaintiffs that have filed an Emergency Injunction against the
MN Sec of State to preserve all election materials from the 2020 General
Election before it’s destroyed on Sept 4, 2022 and because of evidence
presented, having the machines removed from any upcoming elections.


This is a collaboration of efforts by many more people than the 7
plaintiffs but regardless, this will hopefully pay off in the end.

In case you are not aware, Jeremy is a local LF Patriot who has been involved in Protecting elections since the Fraudulent ones in 2020. He has brought in speakers, led Canvassing efforts in at least 2 Counties, participated strongly in the Caucuses and now a part of the above effort. He is running for County Commissioner in Morrison County and could very much use your support. He is a working class guy like many of us and has no huge bankroll. He did not attempt to use this a a Fundraiser. This is MY idea, thanks,  Greg
If you can help, please go to :


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