Door To Door Sex Surveys for ALL Americans ???

Fed sex survey? Congress inches closer

Those old enough to remember will recall the hallmark chant of the 1970s gay
rights movement: “Keep Government Out of Our Bedrooms!”

That was then, when the movement thought government had no business poking into
the sex lives of Americans.

Now, paradoxically, the LGBTQ movement wants the exact opposite. Activists are
pushing Congress to pass a bill allowing government sleuths to knock on your
front door, with survey in hand, to ask you about your bedroom preferences and

The primary purpose of that government survey doesn’t have to be finding out
about sexual matters. It could be about any number of general topics, such as
health, population or income. The issue doesn’t matter. What does matter is that
the survey must/include/questions about your sexual desires or “identity.”

In early July 2022, with little public fanfare, the U.S. House of
Representatives passed a bill called the “LGBTQI+ Data Inclusion Act”, H.R. 4176
<>. It
currently sits in the U.S. Senate awaiting passage, and Joe Biden is ready to
sign it into law.

If this happens, all 107 federal agencies that conduct citizen surveys will
be/required/to ask you about your sexual preferences.

Notice the word “required.” That’s right; these sex questions will not be an
option for the feds to omit. They must be included in all surveys.

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