Top 3 Anti-American Organizations

Now I will explain more about the 3 groups discussed on our Who We Are page

For a good reference at this point, get a used copy of the Tom Deweese book SUSTAINABLE on Amazon for about $15. Tom has been following this stuff nationally for many years and though the other states are not as advanced in the OVERALL PLAN as MN is, it is a great reference tool, especially the Index, to learn more about groups like NATIONAL LEAGUE OF CITIES or even NATURE CONSERVANCY (You thought these were good guys, didn’t you ?)


You could spend a lot of time and learn everything there is to know and maybe for some that is an option. In MN we have some guys who go around the state giving talks to educate Communities. But most of you don’t want or need that. You just want to go to your school board, City Hall, County Board or Township Board. Plus it is a large learning curve and we don’t have that kind of time.

So my solution is, SHOCK VALUE. I describe the very worst things that we have uncovered about two of the Groups.

1) City and County governments will not readily accept your concerns about League of Cities because they are so well established. But there are a couple of huge Red Flags for these guys. They keep changing their websites but with a little digging, you can find that they are closely connected with the AMERICAN PLANNING ASSOCIATION which fully admits to endorsing BLACK LIVES MATTER. A friend of ours will sign an affidavit that he snuck into one of the Leagues meetings to discover that the particular issues they were discussing that day was how do do away with ALL White society, White Laws, White Faith, White History and Statues etc. The group was made up primarily of Whites !! Don’t forget to read your SUSTAINABLE book chapter on that group.

2) That LEAGUE may be a tough sell but my favorite is SOURCEWELL. At some point I will discuss their whole story but for now, here is all you need to know to get this attention of Conservatives in your schools and communities. (They do exist in your state in some form and will offer school programs) If operating under a different name, do a Public Data request to see if any of their programs exist in your school, (Equity, STEM,SEL,SEED, AVID, Common Core)

More info on these groups -Their close association with PLANNED PARENTHOOD. They attempt to bring Comprehensive Sex Education to your schools using a book (endorsed by Planned Parenthood) called ITS PERFECTLY NORMAL Look it up, you and your elected officials should be shocked. Show it to your Churches and ask for their help. Show them this link from Sourcewell website.

Recognizing and Addressing Harmful Language.pdf (

Page down to Gender paragraph. ‘Stop using terms MOMS AND DADS’.

We have a full list of books that Sourcewell offers through the Equity Alliance on MN and I am sure you have and EQUITY group in your state, google it. All the ones I checked were stories about kids discovering gay or transgender relationships. See list in attachment and google a few. Your Equity group will be working with the monsters I speak of.

If by now your officials and Churches are not up in arms, move to another state. We are still fighting here in MN instead of leaving but it is totally grassroots. Most Republican officials will not even look at it.

You can easily find out if these Programs are in your school but don’t expect to find them in the Curricula. These programs are Federal (UN based) offered thru the US Dept of Education and are outside the curriculum. The school is not required to use them but if they have agreed to it then parent groups working with teachers and school boards may remove all the harmful stuff. But the best way is to stop working with those groups who bring them to your school.

It is also legal to come up with your own curricula which any kids can opt in to. Several conservative and Christian groups offer these.

This is the hard part in MN. These groups, called Sourcewell here, get into your school by offering products like school desks, far cheaper than they can usually purchase them. (They do this in the communities too and now corporations but more on that later.) Now remember that these groups are directly competing with local businesses and those businesses should be informed. They also offer many GRANTS to help with various projects.

That is what even conservative elected officials are hooked on. These Grants have no visible strings but are often connected to Federal or State Regulations which will cost the taxpayers a fortune later on. A good way to weed these type out is :Request that any agreement signed will include a paragraph that if there are hidden cost later on that were not disclosed about these Regulations, that the GRANTOR will be responsible for the added costs. Watch them go into REVERSE.

You can use the same tool at City Council, County Commissioners and Townships because the same coalition of groups will be active there.

Then EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE !! Tell everyone on Facebook and email what you have found. Write letters to Editor and call into local radio talk shows. Make friends with conservative elected officials and educate them. Many will work FOR you if you back them up. We also have written a PROTECTIVE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN FOR TOWNSHIPS OR SMALL COMMUNITIES which I will attach later on with explanation.

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  1. go to read and download the plan take control WE THE PEOPLE are the 4th branch of GVT. the GRAND JURY belongs to us 1992 Supreme court in a 6 to 3 time to use this folks. We can show you how to by pass the Corporate policy rules that are unconstitutional and deal with it at your township level

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